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  • 5 Security Controls You Can Add To Your Gate

    cell phone

    Security is an important part of creating a sound environment around your property. With so many advancements in home security these days, your options are extremely numerous. Resources are easy to find and order, as well as install. In taking such precautions, you can limit the number of guests allowed into certain areas, and thus prevent unwanted intruders.

    Security Gate Camera

    Now, I’m sure one of the very first ideas that came to your mind when thinking about gate security was a camera! And there is good reason as to why those are at the top of list in most effective devices. They provide a direct view of the individual or party who is attempting access. Some cameras allow both sight and sound options as well. Most camera options are petite in size and well out of sight from the eyes of onlookers, therefore giving a more discreet approach. One popular choice in brand for cameras is “Amcrest”, because they offer several features including weatherproof exteriors and night vision lenses.

    Smartphone Gate Access

    Another very popular security technique these days is Smartphone gate access. Everyone seems to be doing everything from their iPhones or Androids now, so why not include security tactics? The reason this is such a popular route is sheer convenience! The great thing about Smartphone access is that it’s so mobile. You can accomplish whatever task you wish from virtually anywhere. Also, there is great versatility with phone technology. Many options give various features that combine several security needs into one unit. For example, you can get a camera, an intercom, and a remote lock/unlock all in the same product. One of the popular smartphone security device brands is “Schlage”. They manufacture quality products with both phone remote access and touchscreen options.

    Gate Intercoms 

    As mentioned previously above, intercoms are an additional tactic you can use with gate security. With said device, you are given the ability to communicate directly with your voice to whoever might be coming through your gate and hear their responses as well. This prevents any misunderstanding for the reason of business the individual or party might have. Many intercom systems supply multiple base units for the owner to place in several locations around the perimeter of their property for convenience. A favored brand in intercom system choices is “Mighty Mule” because they offer easy installation and wireless features.

    Electrical Gate Locks

    Finally, the last suggested way to secure your gate is through electrical locks. This great option is on the more affordable, budget-friendly side of the spectrum because electricity is cheaper than running a magnetic pulse. However, they only lock from the outside, so they are not as thorough as a magnetic set-up. Quite a few manufacturers make products with both keypad and conventional key options, making it more versatile for the owner. One such recommended brand for that feature is “Yale Real Living”.    

  • 3 Reasons To Invest in Custom Iron Gates


    We at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron have provided quality ironwork for over twenty years. Custom constructions and daring designs are our passion and expertise. Our ironwork methods are customizable, which allows the needs of each and any customer impeccably met no matter how large or elaborate. Each project we produce is artfully hand crafted and built to last.  In fact, some of our hammer and forge techniques are the oldest in history. We know what it takes to make a something that not only will last, but will also put a signature mark on your home or business. While we mostly specialize in more traditional designs, we’re happy to accommodate any customization you need.


    Aside from our expertise and customer care, why invest in custom iron gate? Here are three reasons to invest in custom iron gates.



    Custom Iron Gates Make a Statement


    How many custom iron Gates have you seen? If you have, we will bet you remember them. Custom iron gates are a statement—they aren’t easily forgotten especially if done right. Imagine your home or business with such an entrance. Not only will our doors greet guests unlike anything they’ve seen before, but it will provide for them a lasting impression.


    Custom Iron Gates Are Long Lasting


    Not only will our exquisite gates endure in the minds of those who pass through them, but they will also last within your home or business for generations to come. Our custom iron gates are not only works of art—they are feats in design and architecture meant not only to be beautiful, but also everlasting.


    Custom Iron Gates Are Unique


    No matter your needs, we at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron will happily meet them. Every detail and design can be created regardless of size or difficulty. What you’ll receive are ironwork gates unlike any other exactly customized to your every wish. You’ll be left to enjoy a unique creation just for you.


  • Home Additions to Make Your Property Stand Out Among the Rest


    All one has to do is pick up a home-improvement magazine to take in the myriad of ways you can add prestige and pinache to your property.  Thoughtfully-selected additions instantly increase your home’s market value, dramatically enhance your property’s elegance, and optimize your enjoyment of your very special, personal space.


    Here are five exciting additions that can transform your personal oasis from ‘regular’ to ‘radical’.


    Add an Heirloom-Quality Custom Gate


    Adding a customized gate could be considered the ultimate expression of sophistication for your property!  Whether it is a stunning garden gate or a majestic iron masterpiece that accentuates your home’s landscape, it will, surely, become a family heirloom! 


    Customized gates can be fabricated from wood, wood & iron and other materials; and any design can be crafted to display pets, angels, landscapes, musical instruments, personal passions or anything else that would suit your fancy.  Customized gates are, truly, one-of-a-kind works of art!


    At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, our expert artisans can create a beauty, just for you, that will take your breath away.   


    Install a Beckoning Outdoor Fireplace


    Perhaps, one of the coziest additions to a home would be an outdoor fireplace.  Making Smores with the kiddies or enjoying a crackling fire with close friends is what memories are made.  Adding a few pieces of outdoor furniture would set the scene for an inviting living room feel.  Over-stuffed chairs, ottomans, colorful weather-proof area rugs, and large pots filled with wild grasses/vines & flowers would combine to, exquisitely, create a personal oasis.


    If a fireplace is a bit too pricey, consider a fire-pit.  They can range from extremely affordable to very extravagant. Some higher-end models offer a simple push of a button to activate a clean-burning fire that can last up to 8 soothing hours.


    Include a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen


    Outdoor kitchens can be big-ticket items depending on how high-end your appliances might be and how many amenities you might include.  Amenities can include side-burners, warming drawers, refrigerators, beer taps and beverage and cocktail coolers. 


    Whether you would select a few simple features or add a complete set-up that would impress a world-class chef, you will find yourself having created a welcoming ‘watering hole’ where family and friends are drawn together.  Grilling and cooking food in an outdoor kitchen dining together has a way of stimulating conversation and closeness, among those you care about the most. 


    Whet your Appetite with a Hot Tub


    How about a personal get-away that includes continuously-available therapy from the daily stresses of traffic-jams, unruly bosses and overtime hours?  That would be a hot-tub!  Hot tubs are one’s ticket to physical and mental R&R.  Being able to use hot-tubs throughout the year is a huge plus; and they require only about 10 minutes of maintenance each week when a 24-hour, 1/3-hp circulation pump is utilized.


    Add a generous dose of personality to your hot-tub area by utilizing large pots filled with tall, ornamental grasses such as ‘switch grass’ which is a perennial and quickly grows to a height of up to 6 feet.  When placed about 2-feet apart, this type of vegetation will form a natural screen to offer privacy and coveted serenity.  Add to that, exotic flame-lit torches, and you can wallow in a romantic get-away without the price of airline tickets! 


    Create Stunning Curb Appeal


    Curb appeal is synonymous with ‘first impression’.  Make your home’s curb appeal eye-catching enough that it actually makes a statement that conveys a warm sense of ‘welcome’.  Add beautiful beds of flowers, potted plants and trees to your property; and have them positioned in strategic locations.  If your exterior once looked ‘frumpy’, it can be transformed into ‘fabulous’.  Group plants by height: and layer the groupings for optimized visual appeal.  Colors, textures, sizes and shapes of plants will interplay to create stunning curb appeal which, by the way, can add a whopping 20% to a home’s property value!


    Curb appeal is not limited to only vegetation.  Your walkways and driveway can be refinished with cobblestones.  A quaint, old-world ambiance can be created with antique cobblestones that will add warmth and historic beauty.  Worn-looking, rounded tops and classic color combinations will replicate characteristic, Old-World styling.     


  • 3 Reasons Why People Love Gates

    Wooden GateUtilizing gates for one’s property used to be reserved for the wealthy; and though some very exclusive gates can run into many thousands of dollars, gorgeous estate gates can be, surprisingly, affordable for most homeowners.


    There are a number of reasons why people choose to add gates to their property — here are three of them.  


    Gates Provide Security


    Regardless of whether a custom gate is fabricated from wood, steel and/or wrought iron, security enhancement is a big reason gate owners choose to have a custom gate installed.  Many families realize crime is on the rise, everywhere.  Adding one extra layer of protection to one’s home – even if it is a security measure that just slows down a perpetrator – it is extra protection that can make a difference between being able to make a 911 call or not.


    A driveway can serve as the most vulnerable opening leading to one’s home with, perhaps, the rest of the property being an impregnable perimeter – let’s assume that is the case, here.   A driveway gate that is designed with security in mind can seal that vulnerability, providing a seamlessly-secured boundary around one’s entire estate.  Yes, some will say, “If someone wants to get in, they will” – perhaps, and perhaps not – depending on how secured the fencing and the gate, itself, truly are. 


    A security gate can offer a psychological detterant for many intruders who would become discouraged at the mere sight of a gate that may look or feel intimidating.  Intruders will look for much softer targets in the neighborhood or surrounding area.  A gate provides a first line of defense to protect not only your family, but valuable investments such as vehicles, outbuildings, tools & machinery, and more.


    Many homeowners are adding security controls to their existing gates with buzzers, intercoms, CCTV cameras, electric locks, and smart-phone access to add that one thing we all desire:  peace of mind.     


    Gates Provide Privacy


    It’s a jungle out there; and all the hustle and bustle of the outside world can be emotionally taxing.  Being able to establish a separation between you and your family and the stress that lies beyond is what a gate can do – a literal separation between you and the world.  This, alone, can create a psychological sense of increased peace and serenity.


    A gate design that offers optimized privacy, also, addresses a very real concern regarding pets and children, in particular.  Without a privacy gate, one can inadvertently allow the outside world to view a family’s young children or dogs who could be valued for nefarious reasons by those with malicious intentions.  Not advertising who lives at your residence, via a gate that offers privacy, is taking a prudent, proactive step to deter those who might otherwise view what is, beyond, as enticing targets.     


    Gates Add a Touch of Elegance


    Adding an extra touch of class to an estate is always a financially-beneficial choice.  Eye-catching elegance, via a gorgeous gate, will add instant market value of one’s property and enhance the surrounding aesthetics with dramatic visual impact.  Though there was as time when gates were strictly utilitarian in terms of providing security and privacy, that has all changed.  The beauty and sophistication that customized gates provide simply cannot be argued; and the designs, styles and features that are thoughtfully crafted, create unique, unforgettable impressions.  Sometimes, a gate may serve no other purpose than to artfully announce you are about to enter a very special residence! 


    People truly do love gates – they not only serve as a stunning addition to complement one’s home, pool and/or landscape design, they offer boundary definition and peace-of-mind security!

  • 3 Famous Metal Sculptures

    Eiffel Tower

    One can find famous metal sculptures all over the world – magnificent pieces that are the result of artistic passion, innate gifting, and architectural genius.  One such piece includes the 15th– century Bronze David that depicts the biblical shepherd boy posed with his foot on Goliath’s head.  This masterpiece is recognized as the first unsupported, standing bronze sculpture created during the Renaissance period.  Another sculpture, known worldwide, is the Statue of Liberty.  Lady Liberty remains one of the most-iconic of all metal statues in the world; and she was created by placing hundreds of thin copper sheets onto a steel frame.


    Three-dimensional works of art created via carving, modeling or welding qualify as sculptures; and here we’ll take a peek at three more metal sculptures that are worthy of recognition.


    The Eiffel Tower


    The universally-famous Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, France and was built with latticed wrought iron and was designed to be used as the entrance arch for the World’s Fair of 1889.  Towering at 1,063 feet, this magnificent structure was created from more than 18,000 pieces of iron with the fabrication, from start to finish, taking a total of two years.  Back in 1887, the cost for this sculpture came in at a whopping 8 million francs which would have been the equivalent of 40 million US dollars.


    The Eiffel Tower accommodates an observation deck, a meeting area, a gift shop, restaurants and more.    Surprisingly, when construction of the tower began, 300 artists, sculptors and architects organized a petition to have the construction halted, calling it “…a ridiculous tower…that would do nothing more than simulate a gigantic, black smokestack.”  In addition to that, the original plan was to demolish the Eiffel Tower once it reached its 20th birthday, but cool heads prevailed.  Today, this iconic structure draws more visitors, as a no-charge attraction, than any structure on Planet Earth!


    The Chicago Picasso

    20071027 Chicago Picasso with kids
    If you ever find yourself in ‘The Windy City’ – aka, Chicago – you may want to visit one of Chicago’s most-famous sculptures, The Chicago Picasso, which is an unpainted, 50-foot tall, 147-ton, abstract, steel creation.  In 1963, the architects of the Richard J. Dalely Center commissioned none other than Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, to design a monumental sculpture for the Windy City.  Once Picasso had his ideas in place after working feverishly for two years with sketches and various modifications, a 12-foot-tall wooden model of the Chicago Picasso was created for the famous artist’s approval before the fabrication of the huge steel version ever began.


    Made of corrosive tensile steel, the Chicago Picasso was fabricated by the American Bridge Company in Gary, Indiana.  The statue was unveiled in August of 1967 and was constructed to the tune of $351,959.17, to be exact.  The cost was covered, primarily, by three charitable organizations:  the Woods Charitable Fund, the Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Foundation and the Field Foundation of Illinois.  The Chicago Picasso is located in Daley Plaza in the Chicago Loop.


    Two more interesting facts surround the Chicago Picasso:  First, Picasso was offered $100,000 for his efforts involved with the sculpture’s design and creation; but he refused the money!  Secondly, even though Picasso desired that the statue serve as a free gift to the residents of Chicago, he never once explained what the sculpture was intended to represent – hence, the statue’s artistic form is entirely open to personal interpretation!


    The Wall Street Bull

    Wall Street Bull - panoramio
    The arrival of the Wall Street Bull in NYC was originally shrouded in mystery.  To begin with, this bronze bull measures 16 feet from nose to tail and weighs 3.5 tons.  The Bedi-Makky Art Foundry in Brooklyn gets credit for helping to craft the cast-bronze bull; and the family-run foundry is known for multiple, world-famous castings including the FDNY 9/11 Memorial Wall.


    As the story goes, an Italian-American artist, Arturo Di Modica – a New York resident – designed the bull and was the one responsible for having the bullish brute secretly positioned next to the New York Stock Exchange building, all without permission from NYC officials!  Even before it was discovered who was responsible for having arranged a truck and crane to place the bull under the NYSE Christmas tree in the middle of the night on December 15, 1989, the bull was removed and placed in storage by city officials the next day.  After much ado, the bull found a new home 5 days later at Bowling Green Park – only a few blocks from the NYSE.  Before the bull could be retrieved from storage to be placed in Bowling Green Park, however, artist Arturo Di Modica had no choice but to pay the storage fee as well as the cost of having the bull removed from its unauthorized location.


    Di Modica spent $350,000 of his own money to have his bull created; and his goal was to offer it as a Christmas gift to the city.  Two years of work centered around the casting and the welding-together of pieces.  Today, the charging bronze bull has become a mascot for Wall Street, and symbolizes strength and optimism after the 1987 stock-market collapse…and that’s no bull.


  • History of Metal Fabrication

    Metal building with contours

    Metal fabrication refers to the processes of heating, pounding, compressing, cutting, bending, twisting, welding, polishing, machining and assembling various metals – such as alloy steels and brass – as well as raw material forms – such as sheet and bar stock – into small, large and heavy components or objects.   The created objects can include everything from musical instruments to car parts, fuel tanks, military equipment, custom gates, household fixtures and so much more.  Whether it is tie clips or aerospace components that are being created, professional fabricators have multiple methodologies to choose from to create the parts and products we, all, use everyday.


    The really interesting question regarding metal fabrication could be: “Where and when did this process originate?”  Here, we will offer a brief synopsis of the history of metal fabrication.  The length of time metal fabrication has been utilized by humanity, in every corner of the globe, just might surprise you!


    Metal Fabrication –  Almost as Old as Humanity


    It wasn’t mere hundreds of years ago, but rather, many thousands of years ago that metal fabrication emerged onto the human stage.  Take, for example, copper-mining and copper-working that was evident as far back as 8,700 BC in the Middle East where jewelry pieces have been unearthed that reveal very early metal-manipulation procedures.  In America, copper was heated and hammered as far back as 5,000 BC.


    Limited historical revelation exists regarding the first society of people to employ metal fabrication, but it is very safe to say, thanks to unearthed evidence, that metal fabrication has, indeed, been going strong for at least 7,000 years – up to, and including, the present.  Metal tools and weapons uncovered in southern Serbia, in Europe, from eons ago, clearly indicate items that were fabricated by a select few who, somehow, understood the processes involved to manipulate metal to change it into different forms.  The ancient Egyptians, early Mid-Eastern societies, Oriental peoples and those of the early Roman Empire utilized metal fabrication procedures, creating their own form and style of finished products for combat purposes and everyday use.


    The first metals discovered by early civilizations were iron, tin and gold; and it was the astonishingly-advanced Egyptian civilization of thousands of years ago, in particular, that utilized gold for decorative, adornment and idol-worship pieces.  In addition to gold, advanced ancient societies mined and worked tin and iron to fabricate everything from weapons, jewelry, breast plates, helmets, chariots, tools, rudimentary machinery and iron gates.


    Metal Fabrication Makes the World Go ‘Round


    Yes, even before history became officially recorded in a consistent manner, long before man understood that the earth was flat, and before the wheel was even invented (presumed to be 3500 BC, in ancient Mesopotamia) metal fabrication was thriving.  Those historic, specialized processes of metal manipulation were handed down from one generation to the next and provide a legacy of a fundamental, yet very crucial, societal operation that continues to this day.


    Without metal fabrication, the entire civilized world would cease to exist as we know it.  Think about it:  the applications of metal fabrication radiate outward to every aspect our lives:  transportation, construction and industries of every type utilize products such as bridges, tools, computers, electronics, plumbing, military and medical equipment, farm machinery, HVAC components, cars/trucks/ & motorcycles and so much more!


    The US Department of Commerce tells us that fabricated metals are the third-largest US manufacturing industry when measured by employment; and that employment comes to 12% of all the manufacturing employees in the entire United States!


    The peoples of ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Rome and other advanced societies could never have imagined how their metal fabrication knowledge and insight would continue to shape the world –  in ways, unimaginable!

  • Five Amazing Uses of Iron

    iron wall art

    The term ‘iron’ can be a bit confusing; but in a nutshell, wrought iron is an iron alloy with a reduced carbon content of less than 0.08%.  Then, there is cast iron which has a carbon content ranging from 2.1% to 4%.  Interestingly, 90% of all metal that is refined today is iron.


    As a side note, the term ‘wrought’ quite literally means ‘worked’.  Iron is considered the most coveted of all metals; and historic records tell us that iron was commonly used in a variety of ways more than 7,000 years ago – this being substantiated by archeological finds that reveal ancient Egyptians used iron from iron meteorites that fell from the heavens.


    Fashioning iron into a myriad of objects ranging from weapons-of-war to garden furniture is as old as antiquity, itself.  Iron working remains an age-old craft we embrace to this day to fabricate endless varieties of objects that give us unrivaled beauty and/or protection for our homes, businesses and high-security locations.


    Here are five ways iron can be used, out of limitless possibilities.


    Iron Wall Decor


    Decorative iron art for one’s home, garden, patio or business presents stunning options that can add striking ambiance for walls, regardless of size or location.  Whether the iron scene depicts grazing deer in a forest for a log-cabin setting, a tree silhouette displaying a family’s genealogy, or birds-in-flight for a nature lover, iron wall-decor breaks the mold of conventional, over-used wall fillers such as pictures, mirrors or cling-on vinyl art.


    Endless shapes, sizes, and intricate details can be achieved with old-world techniques, such as hammer & forge, as well as technologically-advanced procedures that would include plasma and water-jet cutting.  Eye-catching, artistic, one-of-a-kind pieces can be easily fashioned to suit, literally, anyone’s taste, preference or desired theme.  Embellishments including stones, wire, colored or stained-glass, or reclaimed wood and more can be added to create extra dimension and striking visual appeal.


    Iron Balusters and Balconies


    Balusters with twisted bars, scroll designs or hammered pieces, and Romeo & Juliet balconies positioned around homes’ outside, upper-level windows represent only a few iron designs that can be incorporated inside or outside of a home to add that undeniable ‘WOW’ factor.  Iron projects deemed for outside use can be darkened, chemically, and covered with a clear epoxy to combat any surface rust.  Again, blending iron with other components, such as wood, offers a powerful contrast when used as a grand staircase, for example.  Also, iron balusters can be powder-coated in various colors to compliment high-end flooring or other stand-out amenities, within a home.


    The permanence and beauty of fashioned iron will last well beyond the life of any physical address.  Iron incorporated as balusters or balconies in one’s home or office will serve as architectural focal points that will create first impressions that will not be soon forgotten.


    Iron Doors


    Your home will definitely stand out with an iron door to grace your entrance!  Countless designs, shapes and sizes can be crafted; and, as an added bonus, an iron door can reduce insurance premiums due to the inherent protection iron doors provide.  Interior or exterior decorative iron doors will exquisitely enhance any setting and add an additional security barrier.  To add even more posh and appeal, one can embed glass (either impact glass or security glass) and/or wood accents as well as intricate hardware for a look and feel that would be impossible to ignore.  Iron doors serve as gorgeous works-of-art in their own right and can become so cherished they will be deemed iconic family heirlooms.  Whether an iron door will serve as an elegant entry to your home, patio or balcony, it will exude sophistication, strength and ambiance, unlike any other!


    Iron Driveway and Entry Gates


    Driveway and entry gates hand-crafted from iron can be very simple or very ornate; and they will not only impressively optimize curb appeal, but they will add immediate equity to one’s property.  Intricacies can be achieved via plasma and water-jet cutting; and everything from tree silhouettes to cherished pets to musical instruments can be welded onto the pickets of driveway or garden gates to create personalized options that beautifully customize one’s home space and portray one’s passions.


    Iron gates have embellished and protected properties and kingdoms around the world for thousands of years.  If we fast-forward to the present and think of the guitar gates at Elvis’ Graceland or the Royal Gates of London, one has to marvel at the exquisite beauty and extreme strength iron gates have been, universally, known for.


    Iron – Endless Possibilities


    It’s hard to imagine a world without iron.  It is commonly used in the manufacturing of military vehicles, hulls of large ships, building parts, surgical equipment, aircraft parts and appliances – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Being a product that is 100% recyclable with endless uses, it is an extremely valued commodity the world over.  Also, iron is coveted since its properties can be altered when it is mixed with metallic or nonmetallic substances.


    Iron makes up about 5% of the earth’s crust and a large part of the earth’s core; and because it is used to manufacture steel, without it there would be no trains, no cars or trucks, no mammoth engineering feats and no manufacturing, as we know it.

    Iron remains one of the most widely-distributed elements on planet earth, and is the most important of all metals.  One could say, with absolute accuracy, that iron really DOES make the world go ’round!

  • Security Fences – The Most Impenetrable Types in the World

    Security Fence

    If one were to guess where the most impenetrable fences in the world are, perhaps 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC would not be one of them with the history of White House breaches that have occurred in the past several years.  However, when highly-secure fences are in place, one can bet there is something behind the fence-line that is being aggressively protected, for a variety of reasons.


    And what would make a virtually-impenetrable fence so impenetrable? –  Let’s find out.


    Crash Barrier Fences


    There are a variety of crash-rated barrier fences that are purposed to prevent one or more vehicles from ramming or crashing into a secured facility.  Anti-ram barriers provide the ultimate in vehicle-stopping strength where buildings, equipment and hazardous materials, for example, might be targeted.  One type of vehicle-stopping barrier that is a fence in its own right, is the pop-up bollard variety.  Electrically-actuated bollards posses a range of crash ratings and aesthetic options.  Manual versions of bollard systems can be upgraded to electric at any future time; and high-tech features can include battery backup, touch-screen controls and other computer-controlled options.  The technology in some retractable barrier systems is so precise, the speed of one or more vehicles can be immediately detected to initiate the protrusion of bollards from the their underground casings.  When not in use, electric bollards will flush into the pavement to offer maximized pedestrian movement.


    Vehicle barriers of all types are rated as K4, K8 or K12.  A K4 vehicle barrier will stop a 15,000-pound vehicle moving at 30 mph; a K8-rated barrier will halt that same vehicle traveling at 40 mph; and a K12 – the highest rating – will easily stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph.  The “K” stands for kinetic energy.  These ratings were established by the US State Department for anti-terrorism/force protection; and those ratings have, now, become industry standards.


    Anti-Terrorism Cable Fences


    Anti-terrorism cable is a vital component for defensive measures that are being widely used by, mainly, government institutions.  Various cable systems can be embedded into the main structures of fences, with different sizes and types of cable being utilized.  Anti-terrorism metal cable or beam reinforcements provide something that traditional types of cables do not:  a ‘bend-but-don’t-break’ shield for invasive vehicles.  These specialized cables offer a web of protection, as well as ‘give’, and will bend when pushed with force, whether produced by individuals or actual vehicles.


    A high-security bar fence embedded with anti-terrorism cables is mightier and impressively more resilient than a standard bar fence.  The cable component is made of heavy-weight wound metal that is supported by impasse rails, with the overall appearance simulating a metal split-rail fence.  The cables are so strong they can withstand high-speed impacts without breakage.  This, of course, allows the perpetrated property to respond against the invader.  Surprisingly, anti-terrorism cables are not bulky nor are they view-obstructing.


    Anti-Climb Fences


    Anti-climb fences are just that:  fences that are virtually impossible to scale.  Traditional barbed wire or angled sections at the very top work beautifully to keep unwanted ‘guests’ out.  The size of the posts plays a major role with the effectiveness of keeping perpetrators away from designated areas.  Larger posts are very challenging to grasp, especially posts designed with hard, sharp edges.  The tips of posts can, further, deter, intruders by offering an intimidatingly-dangerous design where body parts or clothing can become snagged.


    Angling is important, too.  High-risk facilities will make sure the fence top is angled outwards to make any invasion that much more difficult.  Add to that, barbed wire or razor wire, and you have a very daunting ambiance that would deter many would-be perpetrators from the sheer appearance, alone.  Combining as many of these components as possible as part of a single, impenetrable fence design would be crucial to ensure maximized protection.


    Then, there are roller barriers that function as independently-rotating cups that ensure an unstable surface for anyone contemplating getting to the other side. The cups are designed to be sized so that anyone’s hand-grip becomes an impossibility.  In a nutshell, the individual cups are moldings that operate in tandem with a central spindle, supported by brackets.  The rotating cups in this impressive security design are self-extinguishing in case one planned to set the fence ablaze…amazing!


    The United States Secret Service, NASA, the Treasury Department, petrochemical & nuclear plants and many more high-risk locations depend on top-tier security fencing to keep any unauthorized individual or nefarious groups, at bay.  Fiber-optic motion sensors, security cameras, double-row fence systems with razor ribbon and concertina wire, cable reinforcement and bollard systems are only a few components of some of the most-impenetrable fences in the entire world.  Why are impenetrable fences so important? – a critical asset that becomes crippled could become a national disaster.


    After it’s all said and done, it’s astounding how security fences and barriers have made impressive advances from croc-filled moats that protected kingdoms in Medieval England!



  • Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Customized Emblem


    Emblems that represent a business are nothing new, at all; and they are utilized by successful enterprises around the world as an integral component of a company’s recognition and reputation.  Emblems create loyalty between a business and its real customers; and they open intrigue and interest for those who may be potential customers. In the end, emblems serve as a company’s most-vital identity piece.


    Emblems, coupled with aggressive and creative marketing strategies, can create a definitive identity mantra that sells a product or service –  BIG TIME!  Take, for example, the red, fancy-font lettering for “Coca-Cola”, or the white letters that spell “LEGO” on a red background, or the yellow and white letters that spell out “SUBWAY” – these emblems are instantly recognizable and need no further introduction.  They have so embedded themselves in the American culture and psyche, they sell the businesses they are attached to, without saying a word.


    If your business has a physical address, adding an emblem to your property is a dynamic way to expand on your business’s brand and presence.  McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s chomped apple in basic black, and FedEx’s purple and orange lettering are three, out of thousands of famous emblems, that promoted their respective companies, all the way to the bank!


    Let’s delve a bit more deeply as to why a customized business emblem for your product or service is so worth considering:


    More IS More


    Yes, there are times when less is more; but when it comes to helping your business expand, the more you can advertise, the more potential for optimum success.  An emblem design embedded on your physical property allows for continuous advertising and should compliment the same design people would see on your email correspondence and promotional materials.  Consistent exposure of what your business represents is just, plain good business sense.


    With real-estate success, it’s all about ‘location – location – location‘; but with business success, it’s all about ‘exposure – exposure – exposure’.  Many people are visual and better remember what they see as opposed to what they might hear.  Adding a customized emblem on your business site will be eye-catching and, automatically, enhance and promote your brand.


    Reputation is HUGE


    People covet businesses that are committed, stable and reputable – no surprise there.  A custom-fabricated emblem offers a psychological edge with portraying a business that reflects exactly that: commitment, stability and sound reputation.  So much of what a makes a business tick is based on psychology; and that psychology can make or break an emerging or established company.  Whether your company has existed for 10 years or only a few, an emblem indicates that you are proud of your product or service.  For many, your pride and investment in your identity will be synonymous with quality.  Quality equates to trust; and trust equals sales!


    Competition is Meant to Be Beat


    It is true, competition does breed excellence; and that excellence that you would strive for should have everything to do with being the lead-dog!  Your competition will keep you on your toes to be the best of the best with your particular brand; and one way to stand out from the rest of the pack is to have an emblem created that sets you apart.  And again, your emblem needs to be incorporated as an integral component of a strong marketing program and should be designed to contribute a lion’s share of your strategy’s success.


    Because emblems transcend language and culture, your business’s emblem, over time, would have the potential to speak volumes, without uttering a single word – it’s all about beating the competition and being the lead dog!

  • 5 Great Uses for Fences

    fence with ivy

    Many homeowners might envision the classic white picket fence used to decorate their yards when they hear the word fence, but the truth is, there are so many other uses for these nifty home accessories.  Since fences can be made out of a variety of materials and generally come in many different shapes and sizes, they are quite multi-functional to say the least.  Below you will learn about 5 great uses for fences.


    1. Pool Safety.

    This is a top concern among most homeowners, especially those with small children.  Having a fence around your pool (or a public pool) is a wonderful way to keep small children from entering unattended.  Fencing in this area is also a great way to keep your pets and other animals out of your swimming pool.  You can invest in a fence that has a latch or lock to ensure that your pool is only used when you want it to be.


    1. Hiding Trash Cans.

    Adding a fence around your refuse area is an ingenious way to make a rather hideous-looking spot appear pleasant to the eye.  It is no question that trash bins are not typically designed with beauty in mind, so fencing them in is a great way to keep the appearance of your property looking polished.  An added benefit to placing a fence around this area is that you will have better success in keeping pests out of your trash.


    1. Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home.

    This is where the white picket fence picture comes into play.  Adding a fence to your property is a great way to boost the overall curb appeal of your home.  Many individuals looking at properties appreciate the set boundaries and cozy feel that fences are so good at creating.


    1. Gardens are Given Borders to Keep Pests Out.

    By fencing in your garden, you are on your way to keeping those nasty pests out.  Fences will generally deter most pests if the proper kind of fence is chosen.  This is a great way to save you many headaches.  Lots of gardeners agree that there is nothing quite as frustrating as going out to pick their own homegrown produce only to realize that the squirrels or deer have gotten to it first.


    1. Keeping Dogs and Other Animals Contained.

    Fences do a great job of keeping any pets you may have contained and in their proper places.  No matter if you have a farm with lots of large animals, or simply a few dogs and cats, adding a fence to their area is an excellent way to protect both you and them.


    Though there are many other ways to use fences, the list above describes some of the most prevalent ones.  As stated previously, there are many different options for the type of fences you could choose since they come in so many shapes and sizes.  Once you determine where you would like your fence and the purpose you would like it serve, you will easily be able to find something that will suit your needs.

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