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  • How to Restore an Old Wooden Fence

    Feet resting on old fence

    As would be expected, wooden fences eventually age to the point where some extra TLC is required to add a breath of life back into the wood, itself.  When it comes to your fence’s appearance, you can go from ‘shabby’ to ‘sensational ‘ in no time at all by following a few simple steps.  Discolorations can be eliminated via power-washing; and if simple repairs are taken care of, your old, tired-looking investment will serve you well for years to come.


    Use a Power-Washer


    Saving time and eliminating frustration with cleaning your wooden fence can be achieved via a power-washer.  The surface-layer of old-wood will become annihilated and replaced by a fresh, glowing surface.  A 25-degree tip added to the washer’s wand will work well; and it is, also, important to use a washer with 1,550 to 2,000 psi since anything beyond that could be too powerful and gouge the wood.  When renting a power-washer, it is critical to follow all instructions to avoid any damage to the pump.  Position the hose 18 inches from the wood’s surface; and once you notice the color-change as the wood becomes clean, it will be time to move on an adjacent section of the fence and repeat the process.


    Use Glue and Clamps


    If areas of your wooden fence indicate splitting or breakage, apply water-proof glue to those areas and clamp the pieces together.  You will need to make sure, however, the fence is completely dry from the power-washing; and this will take at least 24 hours.  If you notice loose pieces that can be screwed together, corrosion-resistant or stainless-steel screws are the best choice.  The head of each screw should be recessed by ¼ inch and covered with colored caulk that closely matches the color of your fence’s renewed surface.


    Use a Preservative


    The base of each post should be coated with a wood preservative; and using a brush to apply the product is all it takes.  This step should not be overlooked since posts without the protection of a preservative would be prone to rotting, at ground level.


    Use a Protective Sealer


    Assuming the fence is completely dry, use a long-handled roller to apply a generous coating of stain.  Exterior, semi-transparent stains are a popular choice since they will not only preserve the wood but will enhance the natural color of the wood and allow the grain pattern and color variations to show through.  Be sure your stain includes:  1)  UV inhibitors, which will minimize any future bleaching and 2) mildewcide, which will diminish fungal growth.


    Stain one section – about a 3 foot area – and then move onto the next 3-foot section.  Once several 3-foot sections are roller-stained, take a 2-inch brush to the stained areas to further embed the product into the wood fibers.  Pay attention to corners and gaps and be sure to brush away any drips or runs. To speed up the process, use a small trim roller-brush, with a medium nap, on smaller surfaces that would be conducive to that type of application tool.


    Semi-transparent stains can last up to five years while solid-color stains last a bit longer but are more of a challenge during the renewal process.


    Once done, step back and admire your completed project – that weathered, aged fence WILL look like new!

  • Five Amazing Uses of Iron

    iron wall art

    The term ‘iron’ can be a bit confusing; but in a nutshell, wrought iron is an iron alloy with a reduced carbon content of less than 0.08%.  Then, there is cast iron which has a carbon content ranging from 2.1% to 4%.  Interestingly, 90% of all metal that is refined today is iron.


    As a side note, the term ‘wrought’ quite literally means ‘worked’.  Iron is considered the most coveted of all metals; and historic records tell us that iron was commonly used in a variety of ways more than 7,000 years ago – this being substantiated by archeological finds that reveal ancient Egyptians used iron from iron meteorites that fell from the heavens.


    Fashioning iron into a myriad of objects ranging from weapons-of-war to garden furniture is as old as antiquity, itself.  Iron working remains an age-old craft we embrace to this day to fabricate endless varieties of objects that give us unrivaled beauty and/or protection for our homes, businesses and high-security locations.


    Here are five ways iron can be used, out of limitless possibilities.


    Iron Wall Decor


    Decorative iron art for one’s home, garden, patio or business presents stunning options that can add striking ambiance for walls, regardless of size or location.  Whether the iron scene depicts grazing deer in a forest for a log-cabin setting, a tree silhouette displaying a family’s genealogy, or birds-in-flight for a nature lover, iron wall-decor breaks the mold of conventional, over-used wall fillers such as pictures, mirrors or cling-on vinyl art.


    Endless shapes, sizes, and intricate details can be achieved with old-world techniques, such as hammer & forge, as well as technologically-advanced procedures that would include plasma and water-jet cutting.  Eye-catching, artistic, one-of-a-kind pieces can be easily fashioned to suit, literally, anyone’s taste, preference or desired theme.  Embellishments including stones, wire, colored or stained-glass, or reclaimed wood and more can be added to create extra dimension and striking visual appeal.


    Iron Balusters and Balconies


    Balusters with twisted bars, scroll designs or hammered pieces, and Romeo & Juliet balconies positioned around homes’ outside, upper-level windows represent only a few iron designs that can be incorporated inside or outside of a home to add that undeniable ‘WOW’ factor.  Iron projects deemed for outside use can be darkened, chemically, and covered with a clear epoxy to combat any surface rust.  Again, blending iron with other components, such as wood, offers a powerful contrast when used as a grand staircase, for example.  Also, iron balusters can be powder-coated in various colors to compliment high-end flooring or other stand-out amenities, within a home.


    The permanence and beauty of fashioned iron will last well beyond the life of any physical address.  Iron incorporated as balusters or balconies in one’s home or office will serve as architectural focal points that will create first impressions that will not be soon forgotten.


    Iron Doors


    Your home will definitely stand out with an iron door to grace your entrance!  Countless designs, shapes and sizes can be crafted; and, as an added bonus, an iron door can reduce insurance premiums due to the inherent protection iron doors provide.  Interior or exterior decorative iron doors will exquisitely enhance any setting and add an additional security barrier.  To add even more posh and appeal, one can embed glass (either impact glass or security glass) and/or wood accents as well as intricate hardware for a look and feel that would be impossible to ignore.  Iron doors serve as gorgeous works-of-art in their own right and can become so cherished they will be deemed iconic family heirlooms.  Whether an iron door will serve as an elegant entry to your home, patio or balcony, it will exude sophistication, strength and ambiance, unlike any other!


    Iron Driveway and Entry Gates


    Driveway and entry gates hand-crafted from iron can be very simple or very ornate; and they will not only impressively optimize curb appeal, but they will add immediate equity to one’s property.  Intricacies can be achieved via plasma and water-jet cutting; and everything from tree silhouettes to cherished pets to musical instruments can be welded onto the pickets of driveway or garden gates to create personalized options that beautifully customize one’s home space and portray one’s passions.


    Iron gates have embellished and protected properties and kingdoms around the world for thousands of years.  If we fast-forward to the present and think of the guitar gates at Elvis’ Graceland or the Royal Gates of London, one has to marvel at the exquisite beauty and extreme strength iron gates have been, universally, known for.


    Iron – Endless Possibilities


    It’s hard to imagine a world without iron.  It is commonly used in the manufacturing of military vehicles, hulls of large ships, building parts, surgical equipment, aircraft parts and appliances – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Being a product that is 100% recyclable with endless uses, it is an extremely valued commodity the world over.  Also, iron is coveted since its properties can be altered when it is mixed with metallic or nonmetallic substances.


    Iron makes up about 5% of the earth’s crust and a large part of the earth’s core; and because it is used to manufacture steel, without it there would be no trains, no cars or trucks, no mammoth engineering feats and no manufacturing, as we know it.

    Iron remains one of the most widely-distributed elements on planet earth, and is the most important of all metals.  One could say, with absolute accuracy, that iron really DOES make the world go ’round!

  • Security Fences – The Most Impenetrable Types in the World

    Security Fence

    If one were to guess where the most impenetrable fences in the world are, perhaps 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC would not be one of them with the history of White House breaches that have occurred in the past several years.  However, when highly-secure fences are in place, one can bet there is something behind the fence-line that is being aggressively protected, for a variety of reasons.


    And what would make a virtually-impenetrable fence so impenetrable? –  Let’s find out.


    Crash Barrier Fences


    There are a variety of crash-rated barrier fences that are purposed to prevent one or more vehicles from ramming or crashing into a secured facility.  Anti-ram barriers provide the ultimate in vehicle-stopping strength where buildings, equipment and hazardous materials, for example, might be targeted.  One type of vehicle-stopping barrier that is a fence in its own right, is the pop-up bollard variety.  Electrically-actuated bollards posses a range of crash ratings and aesthetic options.  Manual versions of bollard systems can be upgraded to electric at any future time; and high-tech features can include battery backup, touch-screen controls and other computer-controlled options.  The technology in some retractable barrier systems is so precise, the speed of one or more vehicles can be immediately detected to initiate the protrusion of bollards from the their underground casings.  When not in use, electric bollards will flush into the pavement to offer maximized pedestrian movement.


    Vehicle barriers of all types are rated as K4, K8 or K12.  A K4 vehicle barrier will stop a 15,000-pound vehicle moving at 30 mph; a K8-rated barrier will halt that same vehicle traveling at 40 mph; and a K12 – the highest rating – will easily stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 50 mph.  The “K” stands for kinetic energy.  These ratings were established by the US State Department for anti-terrorism/force protection; and those ratings have, now, become industry standards.


    Anti-Terrorism Cable Fences


    Anti-terrorism cable is a vital component for defensive measures that are being widely used by, mainly, government institutions.  Various cable systems can be embedded into the main structures of fences, with different sizes and types of cable being utilized.  Anti-terrorism metal cable or beam reinforcements provide something that traditional types of cables do not:  a ‘bend-but-don’t-break’ shield for invasive vehicles.  These specialized cables offer a web of protection, as well as ‘give’, and will bend when pushed with force, whether produced by individuals or actual vehicles.


    A high-security bar fence embedded with anti-terrorism cables is mightier and impressively more resilient than a standard bar fence.  The cable component is made of heavy-weight wound metal that is supported by impasse rails, with the overall appearance simulating a metal split-rail fence.  The cables are so strong they can withstand high-speed impacts without breakage.  This, of course, allows the perpetrated property to respond against the invader.  Surprisingly, anti-terrorism cables are not bulky nor are they view-obstructing.


    Anti-Climb Fences


    Anti-climb fences are just that:  fences that are virtually impossible to scale.  Traditional barbed wire or angled sections at the very top work beautifully to keep unwanted ‘guests’ out.  The size of the posts plays a major role with the effectiveness of keeping perpetrators away from designated areas.  Larger posts are very challenging to grasp, especially posts designed with hard, sharp edges.  The tips of posts can, further, deter, intruders by offering an intimidatingly-dangerous design where body parts or clothing can become snagged.


    Angling is important, too.  High-risk facilities will make sure the fence top is angled outwards to make any invasion that much more difficult.  Add to that, barbed wire or razor wire, and you have a very daunting ambiance that would deter many would-be perpetrators from the sheer appearance, alone.  Combining as many of these components as possible as part of a single, impenetrable fence design would be crucial to ensure maximized protection.


    Then, there are roller barriers that function as independently-rotating cups that ensure an unstable surface for anyone contemplating getting to the other side. The cups are designed to be sized so that anyone’s hand-grip becomes an impossibility.  In a nutshell, the individual cups are moldings that operate in tandem with a central spindle, supported by brackets.  The rotating cups in this impressive security design are self-extinguishing in case one planned to set the fence ablaze…amazing!


    The United States Secret Service, NASA, the Treasury Department, petrochemical & nuclear plants and many more high-risk locations depend on top-tier security fencing to keep any unauthorized individual or nefarious groups, at bay.  Fiber-optic motion sensors, security cameras, double-row fence systems with razor ribbon and concertina wire, cable reinforcement and bollard systems are only a few components of some of the most-impenetrable fences in the entire world.  Why are impenetrable fences so important? – a critical asset that becomes crippled could become a national disaster.


    After it’s all said and done, it’s astounding how security fences and barriers have made impressive advances from croc-filled moats that protected kingdoms in Medieval England!



  • Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Customized Emblem


    Emblems that represent a business are nothing new, at all; and they are utilized by successful enterprises around the world as an integral component of a company’s recognition and reputation.  Emblems create loyalty between a business and its real customers; and they open intrigue and interest for those who may be potential customers. In the end, emblems serve as a company’s most-vital identity piece.


    Emblems, coupled with aggressive and creative marketing strategies, can create a definitive identity mantra that sells a product or service –  BIG TIME!  Take, for example, the red, fancy-font lettering for “Coca-Cola”, or the white letters that spell “LEGO” on a red background, or the yellow and white letters that spell out “SUBWAY” – these emblems are instantly recognizable and need no further introduction.  They have so embedded themselves in the American culture and psyche, they sell the businesses they are attached to, without saying a word.


    If your business has a physical address, adding an emblem to your property is a dynamic way to expand on your business’s brand and presence.  McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s chomped apple in basic black, and FedEx’s purple and orange lettering are three, out of thousands of famous emblems, that promoted their respective companies, all the way to the bank!


    Let’s delve a bit more deeply as to why a customized business emblem for your product or service is so worth considering:


    More IS More


    Yes, there are times when less is more; but when it comes to helping your business expand, the more you can advertise, the more potential for optimum success.  An emblem design embedded on your physical property allows for continuous advertising and should compliment the same design people would see on your email correspondence and promotional materials.  Consistent exposure of what your business represents is just, plain good business sense.


    With real-estate success, it’s all about ‘location – location – location‘; but with business success, it’s all about ‘exposure – exposure – exposure’.  Many people are visual and better remember what they see as opposed to what they might hear.  Adding a customized emblem on your business site will be eye-catching and, automatically, enhance and promote your brand.


    Reputation is HUGE


    People covet businesses that are committed, stable and reputable – no surprise there.  A custom-fabricated emblem offers a psychological edge with portraying a business that reflects exactly that: commitment, stability and sound reputation.  So much of what a makes a business tick is based on psychology; and that psychology can make or break an emerging or established company.  Whether your company has existed for 10 years or only a few, an emblem indicates that you are proud of your product or service.  For many, your pride and investment in your identity will be synonymous with quality.  Quality equates to trust; and trust equals sales!


    Competition is Meant to Be Beat


    It is true, competition does breed excellence; and that excellence that you would strive for should have everything to do with being the lead-dog!  Your competition will keep you on your toes to be the best of the best with your particular brand; and one way to stand out from the rest of the pack is to have an emblem created that sets you apart.  And again, your emblem needs to be incorporated as an integral component of a strong marketing program and should be designed to contribute a lion’s share of your strategy’s success.


    Because emblems transcend language and culture, your business’s emblem, over time, would have the potential to speak volumes, without uttering a single word – it’s all about beating the competition and being the lead dog!

  • 5 Great Uses for Fences

    fence with ivy

    Many homeowners might envision the classic white picket fence used to decorate their yards when they hear the word fence, but the truth is, there are so many other uses for these nifty home accessories.  Since fences can be made out of a variety of materials and generally come in many different shapes and sizes, they are quite multi-functional to say the least.  Below you will learn about 5 great uses for fences.


    1. Pool Safety.

    This is a top concern among most homeowners, especially those with small children.  Having a fence around your pool (or a public pool) is a wonderful way to keep small children from entering unattended.  Fencing in this area is also a great way to keep your pets and other animals out of your swimming pool.  You can invest in a fence that has a latch or lock to ensure that your pool is only used when you want it to be.


    1. Hiding Trash Cans.

    Adding a fence around your refuse area is an ingenious way to make a rather hideous-looking spot appear pleasant to the eye.  It is no question that trash bins are not typically designed with beauty in mind, so fencing them in is a great way to keep the appearance of your property looking polished.  An added benefit to placing a fence around this area is that you will have better success in keeping pests out of your trash.


    1. Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home.

    This is where the white picket fence picture comes into play.  Adding a fence to your property is a great way to boost the overall curb appeal of your home.  Many individuals looking at properties appreciate the set boundaries and cozy feel that fences are so good at creating.


    1. Gardens are Given Borders to Keep Pests Out.

    By fencing in your garden, you are on your way to keeping those nasty pests out.  Fences will generally deter most pests if the proper kind of fence is chosen.  This is a great way to save you many headaches.  Lots of gardeners agree that there is nothing quite as frustrating as going out to pick their own homegrown produce only to realize that the squirrels or deer have gotten to it first.


    1. Keeping Dogs and Other Animals Contained.

    Fences do a great job of keeping any pets you may have contained and in their proper places.  No matter if you have a farm with lots of large animals, or simply a few dogs and cats, adding a fence to their area is an excellent way to protect both you and them.


    Though there are many other ways to use fences, the list above describes some of the most prevalent ones.  As stated previously, there are many different options for the type of fences you could choose since they come in so many shapes and sizes.  Once you determine where you would like your fence and the purpose you would like it serve, you will easily be able to find something that will suit your needs.

  • 4 Types of Pool Fencing


    When it comes to pool safety, you can never be too cautious.  By adding a fence around your pool, you are not only ensuring a high level of protection for your children, but you are also keeping out unwanted visitors and pests as well.  Though safety and protection is the number one priority of most homeowners, there are other reasons why individuals might consider adding a pool fence to their property.  One of the most common reasons (underneath safety) that pool fencing is added to a yard is because it helps to boost the overall curb appeal of your entire property.  You might be wondering what types of fencing are available to place around your pool, and the answer is, the choices are vast!  Here are 4 types of pool fencing that will offer a high level of safety to your property, while also boosting your home’s overall curb appeal.


    1. Spaced Picket Fence

    This is one of the most classic choices in pool fencing, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser in terms of not only appearance, but safety as well.  These fences have rails that are close together, making it difficult for a child to slip through.  These types of fences can be made from wood or vinyl, depending on your preferences and budget allowances.  At any rate, this fence will add beauty and character to your pool space in no time.

    1. Iron Fence with an Access Gate

    These types of fences are likely the most sturdy and secure of all the options out there.  Wrought-iron gates are meant to withstand lots of tough treatment including a variety of weather conditions and temperatures.  With the addition of the access gate, this fence provides incredible security for both children and unwanted visitors alike.

    1. Chain-Link Fence

    This is one of the most frugal options available on the market today and is not as attractive as the other fences mentioned above.  It is purely utilitarian and practical in its appearance.  However, what this fence lacks in beauty it makes up for in safety.  Children are completely unable to slip through a chain-link fence due to the lack of space available between the links.

    1. Ornamental Fence

    The main goal of an ornamental fence is to provide additional beauty around the pool space.  Of course, safety is also an added benefit, but ornamental fences serve mainly aesthetic purposes for property owners.  They are often over the top and made of high quality materials, making these types of fences a source of beauty that will be enjoyed for years to come.


    Though there are many other types of pool fencing available on the market today, the list mentioned above includes some of the most popular choices that are picked by clients.  The good news is that whatever type of fence you choose as the homeowner, you will be guaranteed some form of safety.  Though some fences are inherently more beautiful than others, you can rest easy knowing that the installation of any fencing around your pool will keep children safe and more secure.

  • All You Need to Know About Chain Link Fences

    Chain Link Fence

    If you have been around long enough, there is a good chance that you have seen chain link fences in a variety of places.  In fact, chain link fences are the most popular types of fences used today for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.  Clients love the clear view this type of fence offers, as well as the variety of styles and colors it now comes in.  It is excellent fencing for keeping children secure, pets inside, and intruders out.


    One of the major pulls toward this style of fencing is the fact that it remains incredibly inexpensive.  Depending upon your fencing needs, it is extremely easy to rack up a large bill in no time.  When you need to install fencing around larges areas of land such as parking lots and airports, you would be shocked to see how expensive it can get.  This is when many consumers turns towards chain link fencing.  Likewise, families who are just starting out and have young children and pets usually opt for this type of fencing as well.  After all, for most people, it all boils down to economics.  If you are looking for the most budget-friendly type of fencing available on the market today, chain link fencing is the choice for you!


    Another huge benefit in choosing chain link fencing is that customers can customize their fences by choosing from a variety of colors and materials.  If clients need more privacy, there is the option of adding privacy slats that can be inserted within the chains of the fence.  Theses slats provide a greater sense of security because outsiders are unable to see through to the other side.  On the flip side, customers who want to see everything going on the inside of the fence (such as on a school play yard), yet want the aspect of safety and security will especially enjoy the clear view so easily available through this style of fencing.


    In case you need another reason to love the types of fences, chain link fences generally have excellent warranties, with many being guaranteed to last upwards of 15 years.  Often times, these fences are covered with coatings that will protect the fence from rust and other elements that could otherwise do them harm.  These fences are known for being highly durable and resistant to all sorts of environmental conditions.


    Is it really any wonder then, why this kind of fencing is arguably the most popular type of fencing worldwide?  With its low cost, durability, customizability, and security, people who need fencing are quick to opt for this budget-friendly choice.    It’s a great option for many different kinds of clients.  In fact, everyone from the high-volume construction client to the small family type of client will benefit from choosing chain link fencing.  This is because the aspects of safety, security, and budget are all considered and respected.  Though there are more ornate and aesthetically pleasing fences available on the market, chain link fences cannot be beat when it comes to finding the most pragmatic and economic fencing around.


  • All You Need to Know About Ornamental Fences

    Ornamental Fence

    When you think about ornamental fencing, what types of things come to mind?  If you envision ornate, prestigious, and stylish fencing options, then you are definitely on the right track!  Did you know that this attractive style of fencing was popularized over 50 years ago?  The best part  is that ornamental fencing has been time tested and approved by many homeowners around the world, and has certainly held up to its reputation of durability and beauty throughout the years.


    This type of fence is especially alluring for land owners who are interested in incorporating boundaries onto their property for security purposes, but ultimately don’t want the fencing to take away from the beautiful appearance of their home.  Here is where ornamental fencing is an excellent choice.  In adding this type of fence around an area, the overall curb appeal of the property is ultimately enhanced.  Homeowners get beauty and increased safety all in one.  What could be better than that?  Not much!


    Sometimes these prestigious looking fences are made of aluminum and sometimes they are made out of iron.  The good news is that both materials are environmentally responsible choices, and both will surely stand the test of time.  In fact, did you know that aluminum is rust resistant?  Homeowners living on the coast or in harsh climates who are looking to add ornamental fencing around their property should definitely consider using aluminum-based fencing because of its inability to rust.


    These sturdy fences are not only pretty to look at and durable in harsh weather, but they are also highly secure.  The pickets of these fences are thick and generally quite tall, offering a greater level of safety and security for homeowners.  Imagine a fence that is made of pure metal and stands over 13 feet high.  For some important buildings, these requirements are necessary and ornamental fencing is the perfect solution to fit these requirements.


    Clients who choose this type of fencing are generally pleased with the variety of styles and designs that can be customized to suit their individual preferences.  Some customers opt for fancy designs such as rings, scrolls and finials placed on top of the pickets.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Customers can choose styles that are modern or traditional as well.  The truth is, the world is your oyster when it comes to picking out your ornamental fencing style, and the varieties are seemingly endless.


    If you are looking for a fence that offers high security while also enhancing the beauty of your property, look no further than ornamental fencing.  You will be delighted by the quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and variety you will find in this arena.  These types of fences have stood the test of time and are some of the most durable and attractive options available on the market today.  Do yourself a favor and make your property a bit more secure while adding some prestige with the addition of ornamental fencing.  You will be glad you did!

  • Five Ways to Customize Your Home

    Fence Railing

    Owning a home is personal – it fosters an emotional experience that creates a deep sense of belonging, pride and accomplishment.  And along with home-ownership, comes the delight with being able to customize our homes any way we see fit; and there are a number of ways that can be accomplished.


    Here are five projects you can do to add very distinct, personal touches that will set your home apart as well as reflect your unique personality.  Customization has everything to do with feeling like your home IS you.


    Let’s begin:


    Include a Fabulous Outdoor Feature


    Oh, the ideas that can flow when it comes to outdoor fun spots!  Whether it’s a cozy fire-pit to be enjoyed on cool evenings, an outdoor kitchen for the chef in your life, a fabulous hot tub that can be relished all year long, an infinity pool, or a Tiki Bar – outdoor designs represent personalities and passions.


    Outdoor features are more than just equity builders and add-on aesthetics.  Any given inclusion of this type is a soul-soother – a get-away or sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world.  Additional outdoor features could include an outside living room with fireplace, a private dock or a putting green.  Though many outdoor features can be very pricey, for some homeowners a renewed soul is worth every penny it might take.


    Include Your Travels


    Decorating, certainly, does not need to follow a pattern where every room reflects the same theme such as ultra-modern, shabby chic or distressed country.  Though all lovely in their own right, be daring enough to think outside the box when it comes to interior design.  You can create a special room that reflects any traveling you have done – especially travel that has included trips that evoked a great sense of emotion.  It might have been a prolonged stay at an Austrian village where you met family members for the first time or a honeymoon in Ireland that simply took your breath away.


    Walls filled with beautifully framed travel memories and furniture pieces that remind you of where you stayed as well as exotic or warm accent-pieces that reflect your voyages will all come together to create an ambiance that everyone will feel as soon as they enter – especially you!  Whether your travels included Colorado, Canada or the Caribbean – the goal is to make your travel room feel welcoming, cozy and completely personal.


    Include Your Child’s Art


    Have you every considered framing your children’s or grand-children’s artwork?  Though any piece may appear primitive or simplistic, that one-of-kind creation, to you, is endearing and priceless.  Display your little’s ones artistic talents in strategic places throughout your home or display them as part of an entire gallery wall.  The key, however, is to place any artwork in a fabulous frame which will guarantee your child’s masterpiece will become a true conversation piece.

    Your child’s framed and displayed art will reflect your love and admiration for that special little person in your life; and think of how special he or she will feel when they view one of their personal creations on a wall or resting on an easel for everyone to see – Priceless!


    Include a Personalized Front-Door Wreath


    Your front door is a perfect space that can be utilized to customize your home; and one way to add a splash of distinct personality is to include a wreath that is all about you!  A stunning floral wreath embedded with a large wooden letter to reflect your family’s last name creates a welcoming ambiance.  If your family is musically inclined and loves to play the piano, go all out with a wreath created from clothespins positioned in circular form and painted alternating colors of black and white.  Add wooden musical notes, painted black – voile`!   You have a wreath that makes it very clear one or more pianists reside within.


    Include a Customized Gate


    Adding a customized gate just might be the ultimate expression of personalization when it comes to adding a one-of-a-kind touch to your home.  Whether its a beautiful garden gate that provides a gorgeous entryway into a yard or flower garden, or a majestic iron masterpiece on your driveway that proudly proclaims your property, your home will stand out!  Customized gates can be fabricated from wood or wood and iron as well as other materials; and any design can be created to reflect your life, your passions, your talents or your heritage.


    At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we specialize in customized gates where attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  Our experienced artists fabricate these beauties so exquisitely, they take our patrons’ breath away – yes, they are that stunning!


    Let us know what your fantasy gate might look like – we’ll sit down with you and computer-image your ideas – you will be astounded!

  • 3 Gates that Make a Statement

    IMG_1542It is no surprise that installing a gate on your property is a great way to boost curb appeal and get the attention of onlookers.  With all of the many options available on the market today, it is more than a possibility to find a gate that perfectly suits your needs while accurately displaying your unique style.  These days, gates are not just about security and safety.  Now days, they actually have the power to make a bold statement to the outside world.  Here are 3 gates that will make a statement.


    1. The Traditional Metal Gate:

    This type of gate offers an elegant and timeless feel, all while providing excellent security for your home or property.  Wrought iron gates have been around for centuries, and even though weather can quickly take its toll on such a gate, it’s nothing that a fresh coat of paint can’t resolve.  Traditional metal gates can easily be designed to suit your individual style preferences, whether you like modern or antique styles.  These types of gate will not only make a bold statement, they are also good at protecting your home because of how sturdy they are.


    1. The Handcrafted Gate:

    In the age of DIY, never before have such gates been so relevant and appreciated as they are today.  Handcrafted gates can be made out of raw metal or wood, and they can also be up-cycled using second hand materials.  Depending on the type and quality of materials you use, this gate may not offer the most security, but it will certainly display your unique design preferences.  For example, if you live by the beach, you could decorate driftwood with shells to make the door of your gate.  If you live on a ranch, you could use horseshoes as the basis of your design.  The options are seemingly endless when it comes to making your own gate and having it display your style.


    1. The Classic Driveway Gate:

    The classic driveway gate is a great choice when homeowners want to boost their level of security and also want to display beauty on their properties.  Generally speaking, these types of gates are extremely majestic in stature and are highly durable.  They are often created using sturdy wood or metal, which can easily last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.  These types of gates are often quite high and usually keep the house somewhat hidden from the street.  The classic driveway gate will make a strong statement to onlookers.  It communicates strength, beauty, and security.


    Listed above are only a few of the most common gates that are sure to make a bold statement.  There are many other gates that homeowners can choose from if they want to get the attention of neighbors and potential buyers.  However, one thing is for sure and that is that no matter what style of gate you end up choosing to help you make that bold statement, you will have no trouble finding one that suits your unique tastes and individual needs!

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