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  • All You Need to Know About Chain Link Fences

    Chain Link Fence

    If you have been around long enough, there is a good chance that you have seen chain link fences in a variety of places.  In fact, chain link fences are the most popular types of fences used today for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.  Clients love the clear view this type of fence offers, as well as the variety of styles and colors it now comes in.  It is excellent fencing for keeping children secure, pets inside, and intruders out.


    One of the major pulls toward this style of fencing is the fact that it remains incredibly inexpensive.  Depending upon your fencing needs, it is extremely easy to rack up a large bill in no time.  When you need to install fencing around larges areas of land such as parking lots and airports, you would be shocked to see how expensive it can get.  This is when many consumers turns towards chain link fencing.  Likewise, families who are just starting out and have young children and pets usually opt for this type of fencing as well.  After all, for most people, it all boils down to economics.  If you are looking for the most budget-friendly type of fencing available on the market today, chain link fencing is the choice for you!


    Another huge benefit in choosing chain link fencing is that customers can customize their fences by choosing from a variety of colors and materials.  If clients need more privacy, there is the option of adding privacy slats that can be inserted within the chains of the fence.  Theses slats provide a greater sense of security because outsiders are unable to see through to the other side.  On the flip side, customers who want to see everything going on the inside of the fence (such as on a school play yard), yet want the aspect of safety and security will especially enjoy the clear view so easily available through this style of fencing.


    In case you need another reason to love the types of fences, chain link fences generally have excellent warranties, with many being guaranteed to last upwards of 15 years.  Often times, these fences are covered with coatings that will protect the fence from rust and other elements that could otherwise do them harm.  These fences are known for being highly durable and resistant to all sorts of environmental conditions.


    Is it really any wonder then, why this kind of fencing is arguably the most popular type of fencing worldwide?  With its low cost, durability, customizability, and security, people who need fencing are quick to opt for this budget-friendly choice.    It’s a great option for many different kinds of clients.  In fact, everyone from the high-volume construction client to the small family type of client will benefit from choosing chain link fencing.  This is because the aspects of safety, security, and budget are all considered and respected.  Though there are more ornate and aesthetically pleasing fences available on the market, chain link fences cannot be beat when it comes to finding the most pragmatic and economic fencing around.


  • All You Need to Know About Ornamental Fences

    Ornamental Fence

    When you think about ornamental fencing, what types of things come to mind?  If you envision ornate, prestigious, and stylish fencing options, then you are definitely on the right track!  Did you know that this attractive style of fencing was popularized over 50 years ago?  The best part  is that ornamental fencing has been time tested and approved by many homeowners around the world, and has certainly held up to its reputation of durability and beauty throughout the years.


    This type of fence is especially alluring for land owners who are interested in incorporating boundaries onto their property for security purposes, but ultimately don’t want the fencing to take away from the beautiful appearance of their home.  Here is where ornamental fencing is an excellent choice.  In adding this type of fence around an area, the overall curb appeal of the property is ultimately enhanced.  Homeowners get beauty and increased safety all in one.  What could be better than that?  Not much!


    Sometimes these prestigious looking fences are made of aluminum and sometimes they are made out of iron.  The good news is that both materials are environmentally responsible choices, and both will surely stand the test of time.  In fact, did you know that aluminum is rust resistant?  Homeowners living on the coast or in harsh climates who are looking to add ornamental fencing around their property should definitely consider using aluminum-based fencing because of its inability to rust.


    These sturdy fences are not only pretty to look at and durable in harsh weather, but they are also highly secure.  The pickets of these fences are thick and generally quite tall, offering a greater level of safety and security for homeowners.  Imagine a fence that is made of pure metal and stands over 13 feet high.  For some important buildings, these requirements are necessary and ornamental fencing is the perfect solution to fit these requirements.


    Clients who choose this type of fencing are generally pleased with the variety of styles and designs that can be customized to suit their individual preferences.  Some customers opt for fancy designs such as rings, scrolls and finials placed on top of the pickets.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Customers can choose styles that are modern or traditional as well.  The truth is, the world is your oyster when it comes to picking out your ornamental fencing style, and the varieties are seemingly endless.


    If you are looking for a fence that offers high security while also enhancing the beauty of your property, look no further than ornamental fencing.  You will be delighted by the quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and variety you will find in this arena.  These types of fences have stood the test of time and are some of the most durable and attractive options available on the market today.  Do yourself a favor and make your property a bit more secure while adding some prestige with the addition of ornamental fencing.  You will be glad you did!

  • Five Ways to Customize Your Home

    Fence Railing

    Owning a home is personal – it fosters an emotional experience that creates a deep sense of belonging, pride and accomplishment.  And along with home-ownership, comes the delight with being able to customize our homes any way we see fit; and there are a number of ways that can be accomplished.


    Here are five projects you can do to add very distinct, personal touches that will set your home apart as well as reflect your unique personality.  Customization has everything to do with feeling like your home IS you.


    Let’s begin:


    Include a Fabulous Outdoor Feature


    Oh, the ideas that can flow when it comes to outdoor fun spots!  Whether it’s a cozy fire-pit to be enjoyed on cool evenings, an outdoor kitchen for the chef in your life, a fabulous hot tub that can be relished all year long, an infinity pool, or a Tiki Bar – outdoor designs represent personalities and passions.


    Outdoor features are more than just equity builders and add-on aesthetics.  Any given inclusion of this type is a soul-soother – a get-away or sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world.  Additional outdoor features could include an outside living room with fireplace, a private dock or a putting green.  Though many outdoor features can be very pricey, for some homeowners a renewed soul is worth every penny it might take.


    Include Your Travels


    Decorating, certainly, does not need to follow a pattern where every room reflects the same theme such as ultra-modern, shabby chic or distressed country.  Though all lovely in their own right, be daring enough to think outside the box when it comes to interior design.  You can create a special room that reflects any traveling you have done – especially travel that has included trips that evoked a great sense of emotion.  It might have been a prolonged stay at an Austrian village where you met family members for the first time or a honeymoon in Ireland that simply took your breath away.


    Walls filled with beautifully framed travel memories and furniture pieces that remind you of where you stayed as well as exotic or warm accent-pieces that reflect your voyages will all come together to create an ambiance that everyone will feel as soon as they enter – especially you!  Whether your travels included Colorado, Canada or the Caribbean – the goal is to make your travel room feel welcoming, cozy and completely personal.


    Include Your Child’s Art


    Have you every considered framing your children’s or grand-children’s artwork?  Though any piece may appear primitive or simplistic, that one-of-kind creation, to you, is endearing and priceless.  Display your little’s ones artistic talents in strategic places throughout your home or display them as part of an entire gallery wall.  The key, however, is to place any artwork in a fabulous frame which will guarantee your child’s masterpiece will become a true conversation piece.

    Your child’s framed and displayed art will reflect your love and admiration for that special little person in your life; and think of how special he or she will feel when they view one of their personal creations on a wall or resting on an easel for everyone to see – Priceless!


    Include a Personalized Front-Door Wreath


    Your front door is a perfect space that can be utilized to customize your home; and one way to add a splash of distinct personality is to include a wreath that is all about you!  A stunning floral wreath embedded with a large wooden letter to reflect your family’s last name creates a welcoming ambiance.  If your family is musically inclined and loves to play the piano, go all out with a wreath created from clothespins positioned in circular form and painted alternating colors of black and white.  Add wooden musical notes, painted black – voile`!   You have a wreath that makes it very clear one or more pianists reside within.


    Include a Customized Gate


    Adding a customized gate just might be the ultimate expression of personalization when it comes to adding a one-of-a-kind touch to your home.  Whether its a beautiful garden gate that provides a gorgeous entryway into a yard or flower garden, or a majestic iron masterpiece on your driveway that proudly proclaims your property, your home will stand out!  Customized gates can be fabricated from wood or wood and iron as well as other materials; and any design can be created to reflect your life, your passions, your talents or your heritage.


    At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we specialize in customized gates where attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  Our experienced artists fabricate these beauties so exquisitely, they take our patrons’ breath away – yes, they are that stunning!


    Let us know what your fantasy gate might look like – we’ll sit down with you and computer-image your ideas – you will be astounded!

  • 3 Gates that Make a Statement

    IMG_1542It is no surprise that installing a gate on your property is a great way to boost curb appeal and get the attention of onlookers.  With all of the many options available on the market today, it is more than a possibility to find a gate that perfectly suits your needs while accurately displaying your unique style.  These days, gates are not just about security and safety.  Now days, they actually have the power to make a bold statement to the outside world.  Here are 3 gates that will make a statement.


    1. The Traditional Metal Gate:

    This type of gate offers an elegant and timeless feel, all while providing excellent security for your home or property.  Wrought iron gates have been around for centuries, and even though weather can quickly take its toll on such a gate, it’s nothing that a fresh coat of paint can’t resolve.  Traditional metal gates can easily be designed to suit your individual style preferences, whether you like modern or antique styles.  These types of gate will not only make a bold statement, they are also good at protecting your home because of how sturdy they are.


    1. The Handcrafted Gate:

    In the age of DIY, never before have such gates been so relevant and appreciated as they are today.  Handcrafted gates can be made out of raw metal or wood, and they can also be up-cycled using second hand materials.  Depending on the type and quality of materials you use, this gate may not offer the most security, but it will certainly display your unique design preferences.  For example, if you live by the beach, you could decorate driftwood with shells to make the door of your gate.  If you live on a ranch, you could use horseshoes as the basis of your design.  The options are seemingly endless when it comes to making your own gate and having it display your style.


    1. The Classic Driveway Gate:

    The classic driveway gate is a great choice when homeowners want to boost their level of security and also want to display beauty on their properties.  Generally speaking, these types of gates are extremely majestic in stature and are highly durable.  They are often created using sturdy wood or metal, which can easily last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.  These types of gates are often quite high and usually keep the house somewhat hidden from the street.  The classic driveway gate will make a strong statement to onlookers.  It communicates strength, beauty, and security.


    Listed above are only a few of the most common gates that are sure to make a bold statement.  There are many other gates that homeowners can choose from if they want to get the attention of neighbors and potential buyers.  However, one thing is for sure and that is that no matter what style of gate you end up choosing to help you make that bold statement, you will have no trouble finding one that suits your unique tastes and individual needs!

  • 3 Custom Gate Design Ideas


    It is no question that a front gate can make or break a property’s curb appeal.  Having a beautifully designed gate will most assuredly boost the value and appearance of any given home.  Regarding gates, there are many options around today, making it easy for property owners to find the perfect one to match their personal styles.  Below, you will learn about three custom gate design ideas.


    1. The Traditional-Wooden Gate.

    Many home owners enjoy a more traditional feel when it come to choosing a custom gate, and with wood as the medium, it is easy to accomplish this goal.  With a custom wooden gate, clients can choose various heights and colors, along with different types of wood to meet their particular needs.  Depending on the interests of the home owner, designs made of wood such as horses, dogs, or even flowers can be included on the gate as well.  The beauty of a custom gate is that you can make it your own in order to suit your unique style!


    1. The Majestic-Iron Gate.

    This type of gate is classic and offers a more dressed-up feel to any home front.  Custom iron gates are economical and great for various types of climates.  Many homeowners enjoy the safety they offer as well.  With this type of material, people can choose lots of different styles such as spirals and ornate decorations, or just simple rods.  Some clients also have their family emblem or family initials overlaid in iron on their custom gates.  The possibilities are truly endless!


    1. The Modern-Metal-and-Glass-Gate.

    A popular choice in major metropolitan areas, metal and glass gates are often streamlined and appeal to a more modern-focused audience.  Like the other mediums listed above, they can be various heights and lengths, but mainly come in muted colors such as black, grey, and taupe.  These custom gates appear to have the look of a window, but for privacy reasons, the glass on the gate is generally frosted.  Metal and glass custom gates are a sure crowd-pleasure for those that favor a more modern approach to design.


    As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to designing your own custom gate.  The ideas mentioned above are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating.  Just a simple search on the Internet will show that there are literally thousands of ideas out there when it comes to custom gate design ideas.  The great part about designing your own is that it will be created specifically with your wishes in mind.   To get the best results, narrow down the plans for your gate so that they will clearly display your personal style and particular needs.  Ask yourself what kind material would be best in your unique climate, and what style of gate would boost the curb-appeal of your home.  By doing these simple steps, you will surely find yourself with a wonderfully-designed custom gate that will meet your unique needs for a lifetime!

  • Want to Beautify Your Business Location?

    If you own a business with a physical address, you are well aware of the added expenses that go with owing real business property verses one that is on-line.  Lease expenses, utilities, insurance, additional team-members, maintenance costs, etc, take a financial toll.  Meeting those expenses means your business must succeed; and the stakes are high.


    Part of reaping maximized success lies in the first impression your location portrays to all passersby as well as potential customers who would be reaching your store on the internet.  People will, partly, equate your business’ success with your store’s appearance – it’s human nature – it is appearance that gives that all-important first-impression.  The bottom line is:  your business’ physical portrayal is crucial, and beautifying its outward ambiance can be accomplished in three vital ways – let’s take a peek at how you can do that.


    Include Striking Hardscaping


    Hardscaping deals with decorative enhancements involving hard landscape materials that add eye-candy to any location.  Classy wood, iron or brick planters filled with sword fern, flowering kale, winter-hardy white cyclamen, and bright complimentary flowers add an undeniable burst of appeal and charm.  This type of refreshing ambiance is extremely attention-grabbing and can even draw potential customers into your store due to the psychological appeal, alone.  Other hardscape embellishments could include:

    • Rustic brick walkways
    • Retaining walls,
    • A pergola over the front entrance or any patio area, or
    • A small water fountain which would add auditory appeal


    The texture, dimension and color that hardscaping can provide, will add stunning curb appeal that creates undeniable attention; and as a business owner, that is exactly what you want!  When your business looks incredible from the outside, and if the outside beauty can be seen from the inside as well, your business’ reputation and customer flow will be enhanced!


    Include a Customized Gate


    If your business location is conducive to the inclusion of a customized gate, you have a golden opportunity to really make your business strut its stuff!  Depending on the theme of your business, a customized gate can beautifully complement that theme and would add an extreme touch of sophistication.  Whether your gate would be fabricated from wood, metal, aluminum, wrought iron or a combination of these materials, the transformation of your property would leap from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ – it would be enough to make your competition jealous!


    Include a Customized Emblem


    Your logo is a visual representation of everything your business represents.  This identity piece sells; and the gold arch that represents McDonalds, the swoosh design for Nike and the ‘good hands’ logo for Allstate, speak loud and clear.  Black Tree Boutique in Bellevue, Nebraska recently added a customized iron tree emblem to its property to help promote this new shop on the block.  Owner, Cindy McCormack, states:  “I’ve used my black-tree symbol on my website, social networking, flyers and email correspondence so I decided a customized emblem on the outside of my store would naturally expand on that. The black, iron tree is such a cool addition to my entire store!  My customers have commented on its appearance; and they have told me they tell their friends to simply look for the black, iron tree out front!  I couldn’t be happier with the emblem’s ability to promote my brand and beautify my storefront!”


    Adding hardscapes, a customized gate, and a customized emblem can, dramatically, promote your business and add striking, unarguable visual appeal!

  • 5 Famous Fabricated Signs

    The brilliant thing about signs is that often times they are unforgettable.  They are meant to grab our attention and remind us of a person, place, or thing.  Made in eye-catching colors and creatively crafted, signs have a way of sticking in a person’s mind for a lifetime.  Think about it. When you need to make a stop at Target, what do you picture?  For most of us, it’s the red bull’s eye.  See?  That example alone is a prime display of why signage is so important.  It’s about association and memory and returning to a product or place based off the memory of what you saw.  Pretty amazing!  Here are 5 more famous signs you will likely be familiar with.

    The Hollywood Sign:

    Notably one of the most famous signs of all time, this sign draws people in from all over the world.  Nestled in the famous hills of Los Angeles, it stands out over the city as a pointer to the industry it represents.  One simple glance of this sign might elicit feelings of nostalgia from the film industry gone by, and possible excitement over the innovation through film which exists there today.

    The Starbucks Sign:

    Another highly recognizable sign is that famous coffee symbol, which displays a picture of a mermaid within a green circle.  She is the face of some of the world’s most famous coffee, and seems to be popping up on every corner.  Developed in the 1970s, the Starbucks founders wanted signage that represented the coffee spot’s origins in seaport-heavy Seattle.  This desire led many of them to search through old marine books, which ultimately led them to a picture of the mermaid.  She has been changed to fit the vision of the founders, and so what you see today is very different than the original image.

    The Apple Store Sign:

    Who doesn’t immediately associate a perfectly-shaped partially eaten apple with hours of fun?  Most people today automatically think of the ever popular little black handheld devices that Apple continues to produce.  There are many theories behind how the sign and logo came to be, but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that many people are drawn towards it!

    The McDonald’s Sign:

    Nothing quite symbolizes American fast food history like the famous golden arches of the McDonald’s sign.  This food chain sign can be seen worldwide today, but it’s look has changed tremendously over the years.  During the 1960s with its origination, the arches were created to offer a stylized appearance to the restaurant, and later the arches took on more of an “M” design to stand for the first letter of the fast food chain’s name.

    The Route 66 Sign:

    Arguably one of the most famous road signs in American history, this sign is a symbol of the many journeys taken across this nation by car or bus.  This popular road sign is posted along one of the oldest U.S. Highways known as Route 66.


    As you can see, these famous signs are deep set in the heart of America and it’s signage history.  Of course, there are many others, but the 5 mentioned above are some the most notable of all time-both past and present.

  • 3 Tips on Choosing the Right Fence for Your Yard

    Choosing the right fence for your yard is an important step in making your property the ideal place to live.  Homeowners generally have various needs to meet when it comes to choosing a particular fence, so having a plethora of options is beneficial.  The goods news is that are many different types of fences that exist on the market today, so clients should have no trouble finding just what they need.  Below are 3 tips to help you choose the right fence for your yard.


    Wood Fence

    Decide if you want your fence to provide you with a good amount of privacy.  If you DO want your fence to deliver in this area, consider installing a solid fence with no space between the slats.  There is also the option of installing a lattice fence with very little space between the boards.  Ultimately, the choice is yours!  Another way to gain privacy is to place crawling plants and vines around the perimeter of your fence.  The leaves will filter out light and limit the ability to see through the slats.  To ensure the greatest amount of privacy, make sure that your fence is high enough to keep curious eyes out.


    Determine if you want your street view to be blocked.  If your property is located on a busy street, installing the right fence is essential in order to create the proper atmosphere.  Many homeowners in this situation want to keep the same amount of light coming in, but do want to limit their exposure to the outside world.  Most property owners simply want a more peaceful environment in their front and back yards, and with the right fence, this is a sure possibility.


    Analyze your need to keep pets in and wildlife out of your yard.  The possibility of wildlife such as deer or rabbits will depend on each particular homeowner’s location, but anyone who owns a pet should consider the most efficient way to keep them contained within their yard.  A simple lattice fence works just fine to keep pets contained, but you might consider something taller and stronger for keeping creatures such as deer out.


    As you can see, there are many variables to consider when trying to determine what type of fence you need.  As stated previously, there are plenty of options available in today’s market, making the search for the right fence as easy as 1-2-3.  The most important factor in choosing the proper one is being clear on what your unique needs are.  Once you have narrowed down your requirements, the path to choosing the perfect fence will be easy.  Be sure to ask yourself the right questions and accurately access your needs so that you will end up getting the fence that will be best suited for your yard.  By following these tips, you will create your ideal back or front yard haven and will have a fence that will serve you well for years to come!

  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

    Never before has home security been more important to homeowners than it is today.  There once was a time when many neighborhoods felt confident leaving their doors unlocked, and offered hospitality to anyone and everyone without much question.  However, with today’s increase in violence and ill intent, communities have been forced to consider the value and importance of keeping their homes secure in ways they may have previously thought unnecessary.  As technology advances, many homeowners wonder what the most important tips are to home safety.  Here are 5 ways to keep your home secure.




    1. Install a solid security gate.  This is likely the most obvious step in home-security, but some view this as beautifying accessory only and forget that a gate also offers great protection for a property.  Whether the gate be made of wood, iron, glass, or metal, ensure that it is high enough and strong enough to keep out unwanted intruders.  It would also be prudent to install a gate with a code to ensure an extra level of security.


    1. Install a home security system. There are many options out there, but the idea is that in the event that an intruder gains access to your home, alarms would go off and authorities would be alerted to come and help.  This is an essential step to ensuring the safety of those within the home if a break-in occurs.

    Read More

  • Plasma vs Water-Jet Cutting

    There are a number of methods one can use to cut mild steel plate; but a number of considerations must be taken into account to determine the best cutting method such as the thickness of the plate, the accuracy and edge-quality requirement and other factors.

    Here, we will briefly discuss plasma cutting and water-jet cutting, with each having its own advantages.

    Plasma Cutting

    Plasma is considered a ‘4th state-of-matter’ when compared to solids, liquids and gases; and unknown to many, this material is one of the most prevalent states-of-matter in existence.  Plasma is a collection of charged particles and can best be described as an electrically-heated gas-stream.  It can melt and blow through most metals with ease, via the use of a specialized torch, which produces an accelerated jet of hot plasma.  Plasma-cutting has a reputation for being the most efficient cutting process on carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel, as well as offering high speed and preciseness.

    The plasma torch used in plasma-cutting utilizes an alloy copper nozzle to constrict the gas stream and concentrate the energy to a designated area. This can be simplistically compared to a magnifying glass which concentrates the sun’s energy to produce a high level of heat to be applied in designated locations.

    Regarding precision and intricacy, plasma cutting has the capacity to perform exactness on gauge material up to 6-inch stainless though does a marvelous job of cutting thinner materials less than ½ inch, as well.  Plasma can cut a vast array of shapes; and as technology advances, plasma cutting advances right along with it where near-laser precision can be achieved on plasma-cut edges.

    Water-jet Cutting

    Water-jet cutting, like plasma cutting, is known for its success with cutting mild steel, and produces a smooth and very accurate cut.  Unlike plasma cutting, water-jet cutting is not limited in thickness and can easily handle thicker material up to 10”.  While plasma uses a jet of hot plasma, water-jet cutting uses a high-pressure jet of good old H2O.  Frequently, an abrasive will be added to the water to more-easily cut through harder metals; and those abrasives can include garnet and aluminum oxide.  When no abrasives are added, the water-only solution is used for cutting through softer materials such as wood, leather, rubber, etc.

    Water-jet cutting is a much-used cutting process due to the quality finish it creates since there is no burning or melting that results.  Some materials, such as aluminum and exotic metals, would be damaged with the use of very high heat; and with water-jet cutting, very little heat is generated or even transferred to the work material.  Even compared to plasma cutting, water-jet cutting leaves a smoother, more sandblasted appearance which lends itself, perfectly, for items such as custom gates where aesthetics is a top priority.


    The seasoned craftsmen at Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron are extremely well-versed in Plasma and Water-jet cutting and use both procedures to achieve the best of both worlds.  In the end, heirloom-quality products – whether for business or personal use – become stunning, one-of-kind works of art to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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