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  • Protecting Your Custom Iron Gate


    Custom iron gates are truly a work of art in their own right!  Whether a gate is adorned with majestic angels, an image of a beloved pet or an idyllic mountain retreat, the beauty of the artistry associated with these lovely creations cannot be debated; and many of these gates become family heirlooms due to their exquisite aesthetics.


    Iron gates are virtually indestructible and are rot-proof and impervious to insects.  When exposed to rain, snow, salt and humidity, however, rust can become an unwelcome resident.  With enough time and neglect, cast iron, wrought iron, and steel can succumb to rust formation and literally begin a dissolving process – that is, unless, someone comes to the rescue.


    Your regimen to protect your gorgeous gate will be victorious if you know what steps to take to keep your one-of-kind treasure free of rust and other destructive elements.  Protecting your gate means taking proactive measures to keep it in pristine condition – indefinitely!  And maintaining the beauty and durability of your gate can be achieved with the following steps:


    1. Use a Wire Brush, File and Scraper


    If your gate indicates any areas of loose paint, flaking metal or rust formation, use a wire brush with steel bristles and scrub any areas that show the beginning stages of deterioration.  Flat surfaces are conducive to grinding using a course file or scraper; and be sure to remove debris to the point of revealing the bare metal.  One can, also, use a wire-wheel attachment on a drill.  For rounded areas, 80-grit sandpaper works exceedingly well.  Once done, hand-rub areas with either mineral spirits or hose-down the fence with water.


    2:  Use Phosphoric Acid


    Eliminating all rust is crucial; but you may be unable to reach rust embedded in tight nooks and crannies.  Because of this, you will want to spray all sanded, filed and brushed areas with phosphoric acid which is designed to convert any traces of residual rust into what is known as iron phosphate.  Wait 24-hours after applying the phosphoric acid; and you will notice that it has turned any lingering rust into loose, black flakes that can be easily brushed away.  Follow all manufacturer’s warnings and suggestions for safe usage of this product.


    3:  Apply Primer


    After the 24-hour wait period and after all blackened rust particles have been brushed away, apply a generous coat of oil-based metal primer with a good-quality brush.


    4:  Apply Paint


    Select a high-quality oil-based metal paint.  Though black is the traditional color of choice, any color can be used for your gate that will compliment your home, your surroundings and, of course, your personal preference.  An oil-based metal paint – especially one that is manufactured from the same company as the primer – will provide maximized adhesion and durability.  Also, a gloss sheen will combat the elements better than a flat finish since gloss is more resistant to moisture, humidity and pollutants.


    As a side note, intricate detailing should be addressed with spray paint, using light coats to avoid over-spray and dripping.  These areas should, also, be painted before any brush painting takes place to help achieve a more-professional appearance.


    Proactive protection for your custom-iron gate is the name of the game; and your beautiful addition to your property will last beyond a lifetime!

  • What’s The Difference Between ‘MIG’ and ‘TIG’ Welding?


    When clients become familiar with certain terms and processes related to the fabrication of emblems, gates and other iron and metal items, they can better appreciate the procedures that go into this type of highly-specialized endeavor.  At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we utilize MIG and TIG welding techniques, both of which, use an electric arc to make the weld for the fusing together of working pieces.

    In a nutshell, the main difference between MIG and TIG welding is that the MIG procedure is a very fast way of putting down welds while the TIG procedure is a much more refined and delicate process.

    Also, MIG involves the use of a consistent, consumable electrode which melts itself to add to the weld pool.

    TIG, on the other hand, uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce an arc between the electrode and the work.  Because the electrode is non-consumable with TIG, maintenance of a steady arc is quite easy.

    Here, we will provide some additional details with comparing these two types of welding that Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron utilizes on a daily basis.

    MIG Welding

    The acronym MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas.  This welding process uses a continuously feeding spool of welding wire that beautifully burns, melts and fuses two pieces of metal together – base and parent metals.  The continuous feed reduces the probability of weld imperfections that could arise in pauses and intervals.  This process is noticeably easy when compared to TIG welding since wire uncoils from the spool and is fed to the weld pool for the filling purpose.  In this way, it requires less skill from the operator.

    With MIG welding, one can weld different materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Additionally, various thicknesses of metals can be welded, including thin sheet metal as well as structural plates that are considerably heavier.

    TIG Welding

    The acronym TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas.  Here, elongated welding rods are slowly fed into the weld puddle; and ‘slowly’ is the operative word.  A TIG welder can weld numerous metal types, but the process takes considerable time.  The non-consumable tungsten electrode is used to produce an arc of extremely high temperature which lends itself to efficiently melt work metal.  Because the electrode is non-consumable, maintenance of a steady arc is never a challenge.  The control of the molten weld pool is unsurpassed yet both hands of the operator are working, simultaneously.

    TIG is applied in both the welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a wide-range of thickness that do not exceed 8mm.  Because this process is slower, the end result produces high-quality welds with perfect definition in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.  TIG welding is a superior option when an especially high-quality of weld is necessary.  TIG, unlike MIG, is commonly used for thinner materials.

    In MIG and TIG welding, the molten weld pool is protected from the atmosphere by a shroud of inert gas around the arc; and though both of these welding techniques have their own advantages, one cannot be used in place of the other.  They are not interchangeable and are intended for their specific purposes.  MIG is ideal for larger projects while TIG welding lends itself beautifully with smaller projects including the use of more-exotic metals such as gold, nickel, and brass.  TIG can, also, create more accurate and intricate detailing.


    In the end, stunning works of metal art – including custom gates – are created thanks to both of these procedures that have become refined from their ancient practices from thousands of years ago.

  • Security Gates Designed for Real Protection and Peace of Mind

    It is no surprise that the homes of the rich and famous are shrouded with heavily-fortified defenses, from top to bottom, to ensure the safety of the Hollywood elite and millionaires and billionaires that reside within.  The technology embedded into custom security gates that grace celebrity homes belonging to Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston or Jamie Foxx, for example, is impressive.  Facial recognition, Internet-synced cameras that transfer instant images to any mobile device and alarms that simulate on-premise guard dogs are only a few of the technologies that allow celebrities, idols and icons to sleep with both eyes shut.


    The reality is, we live in a time where increased security is becoming a top priority for many, not for just the mega-wealthy.  Part of the reason for increased concerns rests with geopolitical scenarios that are unfolding around the world as well as incidences of violence on American soil that are grabbing more and more headlines.  Also, one’s personal information which is readily available on the Internet – including addresses – has given many an uneasy feeling of vulnerability.  The years of mid-20th Century innocence in our country which, to some degree, reflected Andy of Mayberry and Leave It To Beaver, are long gone.


    Enhanced technologies are being created to literally meet the ever-increasing demands of those who will settle for nothing less than the most advanced security measures, possible.  Custom security gates are a huge component of the security industry; and those that are embedded with state-of-the-art amenities can offer immediate warnings and maximized protection for those who live behind them.  Along with high-tech amenities, of course, come some high price tags.  For those who have the monetary means, some tech-embedded security gates cost upwards of a cool $1 million or more.


    Less is More


    Many personalities, who’s names are household words, wish to live as privately and as covertly as possible; and along with that mindset is choosing security gates that are more mundane and nondescript in appearance.  Anymore, the idea of doing more to attract less attention is very much in vogue.  The goal is to keep stately, showy premises as low-key as possible in terms of outward appearance.  Using security gates that attract people to the parameters of showy estates is no longer a desire; and, now, safety trumps eye-catching attention.


    Meet Dennis Bridwell, a private investigator and former security consultant for multiple Hollywood celebrities.  He states:  “Clients used to want huge gates and security detail sitting visibly outside.  But those days are over.”  The current trend is to use ordinary gates to be positioned in the most visible area of one’s estate while much more extravagant gates are reserved for close proximity to the home, itself.


    The Security Industry is Booming


    Also, gate-operator-system sales have dramatically increased as well as the security market in general, according to ADT.  ADT states that residences and small businesses in North America have dramatically stimulated the security-system industry.  One ADT statistic reveals that sales in security systems came in at $11.3 billion in 2006 but jumped to $12.5 billion by 2011.  Jeff Sprague, from Vertical Research Partners, is quick to point out:  “We had the worst housing market of all time, but the security business grew right through it.”


    Cool Technologies


    Security technologies, as stated, are rapidly emerging to meet security demands.  The good news is, much of this technology is becoming increasingly affordable.  Security cameras, for example, have become much smaller in size and so have the price-tags.  Also, homeowners can route cameras to a monitoring center for as inexpensively as $100 a month!  Along with more affordability, quality has dramatically improved, too, where higher resolution and enhanced night-imaging is common place.


    Then, there is analytic software that can determine the most minute detail – outside movement, for example, can be deciphered as ‘animal’, ‘person’, ‘vehicle’, or ‘overhead plane’ – based on temperature readings!  Underground cables can pick up subtle or not-so-subtle vibrations indicative of digging or climbing in the exact vicinity of the fence and gate areas.  Remotely viewing one’s property via an external camera that instantly generates images on any mobile device can get a bit pricey, however – to the tune of at least $65,000 when 30 cameras are being utilized, simultaneously.


    Custom security gates can include keypads that legitimate visitors can use to gain access to the homeowner’s property’s, such as personal trainers, maids, cooks, etc. – all managed by the homeowner who can permit access at any time or deny access at any time.  Some very exclusive security gates are equipped with facial recognition software used by specialized cameras, to the tune of $10,000 a piece!  How about gates that are designed with vertical posts that protrude from, or recede into, the ground depending on whether a vehicle is entering or exiting the premises?  Electromagnetic locks have the ability to withstand 1,200 pounds of holding force; and even simple-looking gates can possess a fortress-like ability and be ‘crash-rated’ to hold back a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 30 mph!

    Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be super-rich to afford security gates to protect one’s home, family or one’s business. One can choose as many, or as few, security add-ons one wishes for enhanced protection, day or night.  And for that, there simply is no price-tag!


    At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we specialize in customized security gates.  We will be happy to address any questions you might have regarding everything from the highest-quality materials we us to the types of security features you can choose as well as gate operator options.  Give us a call –  we’ll have the answers you’re searching for!

  • Five Types of Fences

    When one is in the market to purchase fence material, it becomes very obvious very quickly that there exists a smorgasbord of choices – all, of which, have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Here, we will cover five options.  Whatever fence choice one makes will depend on how much privacy and security one desires as well as the cost, ease of installation, the type and amount of upkeep any material might require and lastly, geographic locale.  In sea-side locations, for example, exposure to salt air can easily corrode certain materials; and then there are HOAs in many residential communities where the Homeowner’s Association may have strict by-laws that significantly limit the types of fence materials that are allowed.


    Here are five popular fence materials one can consider:

    Chain Link

    Chain Link Fence

    Yes, it is true that chain link fences may not have the aesthetic appeal other fence materials may have, but you can count on a chain link to be sturdy, maintenance-free and easier on the pocketbook.  The typical utilitarian look of chain link doesn’t have to stay that way since this type of fence is available in various mesh sizes, different wire gauges and multiple colors, such as black galvanized steel.  Various colors of vinyl-coated steel chain-link (even green) are very popular and provide a more aesthetic alternative to the traditional, non-coated silver.  Colored and coated chain-link offers smoothness, enhanced beauty and strength, and eliminates sharp edges.


    PVC fence material is synonymous, in general, with molded vinyl fencing; and upper-end PVC fence products will contain higher percentages of titanium oxide which is a critical additive that protects the vinyl from the ravages of UV rays.  Less-expensive PVC fence material will, as expected, contain reduced amounts of titanium oxide which means the vinyl is more vulnerable to becoming more brittle.

    PVC fence material offers a palate of color choices – including solid and blended colors – as well as various styles and textures.  The wood-grain, for example, recreates the appearance of natural wood while a stucco texture simulates an old-world look and feel.  One can choose from an array of various styles including ornamental, picket, split-rail, privacy and semi-privacy.  Also, fade-resistance can be enhanced with PVC material via the infusion of a specialized acrylic ingredient which generates excellent protection from merciless UV rays.  While wood fences require painting and staining every few years, durable PVC fences are easily cleaned with soap and water or just a wash-down with the garden hose.

    Custom Iron

    McPherson Gate - Millsap, Texas 76066

    Custom iron fences are classic and timeless; and this material has been used for fence and gate structures for thousands of years.  This hand-forged product is made to last a lifetime and beyond, and will offer its owners superior rust protection as well as UV fade resistance, especially when a powder-coat finish has been applied.  Often times, welded cast-iron finial tips are added for ornamentation; and because this type of fence is iron, is remains the strongest type of fence available.  Its strength is unbeatable which is why celebrity homes, other high-end properties and many historical sites are protected with iron toughness without sacrificing eye-catching beauty.  Iron is a fence-owner’s dream; but it comes with a hefty price-tag, as expected.  Non-coated  iron can require regular maintenance to keep it looking pristine; and if rust were to develop, it can be wire-brushed away.



    Aluminum fence products are a great choice since one can get the look of wrought iron without breaking the bank.  Aluminum, too, can be hand-forged; and is lightweight and made to last a lifetime.  Maintenance is a word that does not exist with aluminum fences since this material, unlike steel and iron, will not rust even when bare metal is exposed.  Ornamental finials can be welded on for added flair and sophistication; and the surface of aluminum is very receptive to powder-coating.  Powder-coating is available in a variety of color choices, and resists corrosion and weathering in any climate.


    Composite fence materials come heavily embossed to beautifully simulate the coveted texture of natural wood, but without the maintenance that natural wood demands – composite never needs to be painted or stained!  Because composite materials contain visible wood fibers, they resemble wood more closely than textured vinyl; and this material comes in a number of colors and styles.  Whether rustic cedar, rustic barn-wood or other surface types, composite materials are low-maintenance and highly-resistant to splitting, decay and insect infestation.  Manufactured from recycled wood flour and high-density plastic, composite contains over 70% recycled material.  With composite fences you will enjoy long-lived duration and can feel good knowing this product is a greener substitute to non-reusable materials.  As a side-note, composite materials being as durable as they are, can withstand 100 mile-an-hour winds.  Your neighbors will remain convinced your fence is made of natural wood – unless you tell them, otherwise!

  • Five Ways Gates Can be Adorned

    top of spiked fence

    True gate lovers have an understanding of gates in that they are not simply viewed as a whimsical addition to a garden, an impressive element to grace one’s entryway, or added security for one’s property and family.  Gates are all that, of course; but when you perceive gates as a true art-form where imaginations of infinite possibilities are reflected in the designs and intricate craftsmanship, one’s perspective of custom gates takes on a who new dimension.


    Here, we will cover five ways in which gates can be adorned, keeping in mind that the options for ornamentation are endless.


    Ornamentation Can Be Large


    Ornaments Can Include Nature


    For distinguished gate owners who place their faith in luck, using plants and insects from nature to adorn a gate in order to beckon and embrace luck, is not uncommon.   One gorgeous custom-iron gate in Lake Forest, Illinois includes ironwork fashioned into the following items from nature that represent bearers of luck and/or prosperity:  Ancanthus leaves, Foxglove, Sunflowers, and a dragonfly are handcrafted and embedded as metal artwork.  On this same gate, one will also find two iron doves that symbolize peace.  Because dragonflies are deeply associated with prosperity, harmony and good luck, some gates incorporate huge iron dragonflies designed as the entire ornament; and some wood gates display larger-than-life dragon flies carved into wooden panels.  As a side note, Ancanthus leaves are from a shrub possessing spikes and spiny decorative leaves –  hence, the belief of this plant’s ability to ward off danger of all kinds.

    Some old wives-tales may be just that; but for those who own this gate in Lake Forest, Illinois it may be regarded as a whole lot more.


    Ornaments Can Include Angels


    According to a CBS News poll, 80% of the adult American population believes in the existence of angels.  Not only that, but many believe angels are protectors for oneself as well as those one loves.  Some homeowners who incorporate angels within their residential gates, believe their homes, properties and families are protected from oppressive deities and demons.  One iron Angel gate in Bibury, England has been around for more than 120 years.  A huge wrought-iron Angel, with outstretched wings, ‘hovers’ above in the upper section of the gate, looking down upon the lower portion of the gate where one finds a small village (presumably Bibury) – all made from iron and hammered metal.

    The locals tell visitors that all members of the families who have lived in the home graced by the permanent angelic visitor, have never been sick a day in their lives.  Astounding, if true!


    Ornaments Can Include Musical Instruments


    The wonderful thing about custom gates is the fact that one can include anything and everything to reflect the owner’s personal interests and tastes; and that would include all things, musical.  One such gate just might strike a note with you – it is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee.  Needless to say, you’ve already guessed who owned this particular iron gate at one time – Mr. ‘Love-Me-Tender’, himself.  In 1957, Elvis Presley had his iron gates fabricated for the entrance of his Graceland home and had the iconic gate doors positioned between brick walls on both sides of the entry driveway.  The pair of gates are large and curved and are decorated with guitar players and musical notes that form an open music book when closed –graceful, indeed.


    Ornamentation Can Be Small


    Ornaments Can Include Finials


    Gates and finals go hand-in-hand, with finials being decorative, cast-iron or cast-aluminum tips that are welded on top of iron or aluminum pickets.  Finials are intended as permanent features of gate architecture; and have been used on gates and fences throughout the world for centuries.  Finials come in a vast array of styles and sizes, and give gates an iconic appearance that add a defining look of historic elegance and daunting strength.

    Interestingly, the iron fencing and gates that surround some Disney offices in California – including those located in Glendale, California, for example – are topped with iron finials fashioned into faces of Mickey Mouse!


    Ornaments Can Include Clavos


    The term ‘clavos’ is not one you hear everyday; but it refers to a Spanish word that means ‘nails’ – usually, heavy rustic nails.  Clavos are intended to embellish gates of all types; and they look especially striking when embedded into gates that are made fully or partially of wood.  Clavos can be made from several different materials including hand-forged iron, zinc alloy, cast iron, and solid copper, with sizes and styles that will boggle one’s imagination.    Zinc alloy clavos are perfect for outdoor applications since they are impervious to rust.  Some clavos are made with a stainless-steel screw which means high-humidity environments as well as coastal areas with salt air are no match for the grabbing and holding power these types of ornamentation offer.  The screw-type of clavos are removable which offers a real convenience whenever the wood might need to be refinished.


    Clavos are intended to provide a dramatic flair to any gate, regardless of style.  Whether one wishes to emulate a medieval doorway, a prohibition speakeasy gate, or a romantic hacienda-style entrance, clavos become that very noticeable, attention-to-detail ornamentation that adds undeniable character, class and ambiance – not only to gate but to the property the gate is attached to!


    What Would You Choose?


    When it comes to the ways in which a gate might be adorned with ornamentation, the possibilities are truly endless!  And the question might be:  What ornamentation would YOU choose?  If you have visions of a customized gate adding instant beauty, ambiance and security to your residence, Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron can fabricate any idea your heart desires.  Our passion is replace dreams with realities; and we can do that for you!  Our quality of hand-crafted work with gate fabrication is unsurpassed; and it costs nothing to discuss your ideas with us over a cup of coffee.

  • Three Intriguing Gate Stories

    Area 51, Elvis and The Royal Family

    There are gates, and then, there are gates!  Custom gates have been a part of rich histories from throughout the world and throughout the ages.  Their purposes have always been multidimensional – from adding exquisite beauty and increased value to a particular property to enhancing security for one’s family, one’s palace or an entire kingdom!  Whether one is referring to ancient Rome or Southern Plantations of the Civil War era or the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, custom gates have been fashioned and fabricated for many reasons throughout history; and will continue to do so.

    Let’s take a peek at three gate locations that offer their own, unique flavor and individual intrigue.

    The Security Gates of Area 51

    No, this may not be your traditional gate story, but it is worth mentioning due to the sheer fascination and mystery that surrounds the location of the gates in this region that are intended to keep curiosity-seekers at a distance!  Many Americans are intrigued by the secrecy and security that surround Area 51, located in Alamo, Nevada.   Rumors or truth – take your pick – abound concerning this isolated USAF military installation that places a premium on security.  Stories have swirled regarding UFOs and their occupants, reverse engineering and other strange revelations from decades past up, to the present.

    Part of the intense security of Area 51 utilizes various gates located in strategic positions throughout the vast compound.  In fact, the main gates are located at a guard shack about a mile away from very obvious warning signs one has permission to walk up to, yet not go beyond.  Area 51, itself, is located almost eight miles past the gated guard shack.

    As one would expect, not much can be shared about the security gates that serve this overly-guarded tract of land; but it remains a fact that the main security gates at Area 51 open daily to allow entrance for about 1,000 personnel who are flown in from Las Vegas and are bussed into Area 51 in strange, white buses with tinted windows.  What do these people do during their shifts at Area 51, every day?  No one knows.  If only the gates could speak!

    The Guitar Gates of Graceland

    Shortly after Elvis Presley purchased his 13.8-acre property in Memphis, Tennessee in March of 1957, Presley spent over $500,000 as part of an extensive remodeling project.  Elvis’ desires were to transform his new property into a completely personalized oasis, of sorts.  Part of that renovation included the fabrication and installation of a customized wrought-iron front gate, designed and built by Abe Sauer, a local Memphis artisan.  Mr. Sauer incorporated a design shaped like a book of sheet music, embellished with green-colored musical notes and a silhouette of Elvis playing the guitar on both halves of the gate.   It was only one month after the purchase of Graceland that the famous musical gates were installed in all their glory, with the installation, alone, costing $2,400.

    The Royal Gates of London

    If, ever, money were spent on customized gates where the monetary amount was of no consequence, it would be at Buckingham Palace in London.  With more than 830,000 square feet of living space, one of the most well-known sections of the 775-roomed palace is the East front which offers the balcony on which The Royal Family congregates to meet crowds of adoring fans on special occasions.    Another fascinating aspect of Buckingham Palace are the custom iron gates that adorn the structure’s various entrances.  A massive center gate with arched tops, gold finials and wrought-iron rods and ornate artwork lies below, and away from, the welcoming balcony on the East side of the palace.  These gates are reserved for ceremonial purposes while another pair of somewhat-smaller, yet ornately-styled iron gates — known as the North-center gates — are used for everyday entrance.

    The huge center gate is extremely embellished and both halves of the gate are adorned with the British National Seal (British Royal Coat of Arms) being embraced by a bronze lion and a bronze unicorn to the left and to the right of the crest, respectively.  These gates are opened when the departure of the guards takes place during the daily, world-famous Changing of the Guard ceremony.

    It’s Time for YOUR Custom Gate!

    Customized gates are designed to enhance the beauty, value and security of one’s property.  At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we can fabricate any design your heart desires – whether fanciful, ornate, simplistic, rustic or contemporary, our skilled artisans can turn your vision into a stunning 3-D reality!  And your custom-designed gate can become a legend in its own time, too!

  • 3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gate for Your Business


    Choosing the right gate for your business isn’t, necessarily, an easy choice to make when one considers the multitude of price ranges, styles, materials and operational features that are available.  “Should I choose wood, metal or wrought iron?  Should I incorporate, mostly, security features or look for a style that offers, strictly, beauty and ambiance to my business’ location?”

    The gate you choose for your business can transform the look of your property from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’; and will serve to enhance the professional appearance you know is vitally important to your business’ success.  Additionally, a gate can serve as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.  Here are a few questions one should ask oneself when in the process of determining which gate might be right for one’s business.

    1:  Why Am I Choosing a Gate for My Business?

    The purpose behind your choice of gate for your business will determine the style you select to the materials you choose.  Since your business is a huge financial investment, you may want to consider combining security with beauty and enjoy the advantages of both worlds.  Steel, iron, aluminum and wood products can be fashioned to provide the security you might desire while still providing a striking ambiance to your business’ locale.  Steel and wrought iron might be the best choice if security is a major consideration.

    If entry-control is a concern, everything from anti-ram gates with proven crash protection made from aluminum and steel to heavy-duty wrought iron gates topped with spikes have been used for security purposes for decades.  Cantilever slide gates, overhead slide, vertical lift, vertical pivot and swing gates are some of the popular choices of security options that offer optimum protection for business environments.

    Also, choosing an access-control system is important when security concerns are a priority.  Standard lock, phone entry, keypad entry, card-reader or proximity-reader systems are a few options on the market.  Some entry-system technologies provide fingerprint recognition as well as event logs that can be used to track who enters and who exits your business property.

    If aesthetics is your primary goal, all four materials—steel, iron, aluminum and wood—can be fabricated into a beautiful creation that will add that perfect, finishing touch.  You can custom order the gate of your choice to reflect your company’s brand or logo; and this, of course, would only serve to promote your business’ identity and status.

    2: Do I Want My Gate to be Automated?

    As would be expected, automated gates will cost more, but the convenience of automation cannot be overstated—compare it to having a television that operates with a remote verses one that must be operated, manually.  If an automated gate is your choice, be sure the gate opener is of high quality and will, easily, withstand salt air, pollution, rain and other outdoor elements.

    It’s, also, important to keep in mind that purchasing a gate AND a gate operator from the same source will ensure superior performance and eliminate possible system malfunctions that can result from mismatched hardware.

    3:  What Design/Style of Gate Should I Choose?

    The gate you select for your business should, most definitely, complement the look or theme of your business’ exterior.  Would you be looking for a very ornate style and utilize the exquisite detailing that wrought iron can offer or would you be looking for a rustic feel where you could incorporate wood panels accented, perhaps, with steel or aluminum?

    Would you prefer a rolling gate, a sliding gate or a swing gate that opens like a single door or a French door?  Some gates that open outward require more-level topography; and there is a limit to how much of an incline an open-style gate can accommodate.

    Few things are more important than the appearance and security of your business.  Once you have determined the purpose of your gate as well as the design, style, the materials to be used, you will be ready to have your business gate custom-made or purchase one that is pre-fabricated.  Either way, the addition of a gate to your business location will add the beauty and/or security your business will, truly, benefit from.

  • Custom Entry Gate By Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron

    3 Reasons to Install an Electric Gate at Your Home

    Having an electric gate is an appealing addition to any home.  Whether you are in the market to buy a house, or are already a current homeowner, adding an electric gate to your property can be a seamless task that will be well-worth the time and expense you put towards installing it.  The question is, why would a homeowner want to install this type of gate in the first place?  Below are 3 reasons why you should install an electric gate at your home.


    1.  Security

    This is likely the most important reason to install an electric gate on your property.  Even if you live in a considerably safe neighborhood, there are still individuals that can take advantage of homes that are not secure.  Having this type of gate at your home is a sure-fire way to keep your property protected from unwanted intruders.  With the addition of a security code and cameras, your electric gate will likely be your home’s best security measure, next to a home security system.  The protection of your property, and thereby your family’s security, is an essential reason to install an electric gate at your home.


    2.  Curb Appeal

    Often times, electric gates are elaborately designed.  They can be manufactured in various widths and heights, and fashioned out of fine materials such as steel or wood.  Adding a gate like this will certainly boost your property’s curb appeal.  You can even choose a style of gate that matches your home’s particular style.  For instance, if you have a modern home, you can purchase and install a modern-looking gate.  The consistency in style between your home and your electric gate will greatly enhance the overall appearance of your property.  By doing a simple Internet search, you will find that there are several styles of gates on the market to fit your personal style and boost your home’s curb appeal.


    3.  Ease of Entry

    Do you recall ever seeing a gate on an old field?  Chances are those rickety gates require farmers to leave their vehicles and open and close them by hand.  Imagine what an inconvenience this is, especially in winter weather!  Installing an electric gate at your home allows for effortless entry onto your property.  With the click of a button, or entry of a code, you will easily be ushered in or out of your driveway.  By adding this simple addition to your home, you will save yourself time and effort in the long run.


    There are endless reasons as to why it’s a good idea to install an electric gate at your home, but the points listed above are some of the best.  Security, curb appeal, and ease of entry are all important factors that contribute to making a homeowner’s life more secure and a bit easier.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get that electric gate installed on your property today!  You won’t regret the many benefits it will give you by adding better protection, more beauty, and ease to your life as a homeowner.

  • Large Gate

    What Makes a Gate Great?

    If you were asked the question: “What makes a gate great?” it’s fairly predictable your answer would differ, somewhat, from other respondents’ answers to that same question.  The answers would be subjective based on what any particular gate owner might desire in a gate for his or her property.

    So, what generally makes a gate great?  Here are a few considerations:

    A Gate needs to be Strong

    Regardless of how expensive or inexpensive a property’s gate might have been at the time of purchase, any gate owner will want his or her gate to last as long as possible.  Whether one is comparing Italian-leather loafers to rubber flip-flops or comparing a stately mansion to a camping trailer, the materials used in the construction of each of those items would not be equal in strength and durability to its corresponding counterpart.  Iron, wood, aluminum, vinyl and other materials can be used in the manufacturing of gates.  Some materials, of course, will stand the test of time far better than others.

    Do you want the ultimate in strength and durability in a gate?  If so, wrought iron is an unsurpassed choice.  You will not find a stronger gate material than wrought iron.  Virtually nothing can damage this material; and a wrought iron gate will remain in pristine condition for decades.  In fact, wrought iron can last a lifetime and still be in perfect shape.  The downside to a wrought iron gate is a very practical one:  wrought iron gates can be very expensive!

    A Gate needs to be Stunning

    There are gates; and then there are gates.  Gates that are fabricated with intricate, unique and visually-appealing shapes are works-of-art in their own right.  These types of gates add value to a property as well as immense ambiance.  Wrought iron is very conducive to being manipulated into intricate designs, but other gate materials can be stunning as well.

    Wooden entrance gates, for example, can add natural beauty to one’s property and can be fabricated to look like barn doors or even medieval castle entries embellished with iron handles and iron rivets.  Wooden gates can be crafted with arched or undulating topsides and add a rich and impressive addition to any residence.

    When heirloom-quality craftsmanship is incorporated into any high-quality gate, one has indeed ‘inherited’ a masterpiece that will be cherished for many, many years.

    A Gate Should Reflect Your Personal Taste

    A great gate will be well designed and add unarguable appeal and style to any home.  That appeal and style, however, can emerge in a million different ways—each, of which, should reflect the taste and personality of the gate’s owner.  Since a gate of quality is truly like a fine piece of furniture, the investment in a gate should not be superficially considered.  One should take into account materials that go into the gate’s construction, the design (whether simple or elaborate), the gate’s ability to correctly enhance the ambiance of a given property, and the ability of the gate to make its owner feel completely satisfied about his or her selection.  All these considerations combine to make a gate great; and a great gate–regardless of price—is a sound investment!

  • Emblem of an Angel

    How Emblems Boost Your Company’s Appeal

    Emblems that represent a company’s brand aren’t a passing fancy—they mean business!  Michelin tires introduced their logo in 1888; 3M’s logo was announced to the public in 1906; Fisher Price Toys unveiled their logo as far back as 1931—the rest is history.  The rationales for associating an emblem with an organization or business are simple: prestige, pride and profit!  All three of those reasons fall under the umbrella of a company’s appeal which has everything to do with a company’s success.

    In today’s competitive world, an emblem differentiates a business from its competitors; and that’s all it takes for one business to fully succeed above its contenders.  Emblems are psychological and can become very personal to the psyche of the masses.  Like the emblems mentioned above, other emblems that represent Nike, FedEx, Starbucks Coffee, Chiquita bananas and Superman speak for themselves.  They have become etched in our memory bank—permanently—and the companies that own those emblems reap the reputations and rewards those emblems helped create.

    But let’s go over the three ways emblems can boost your company’s appeal and success:

    Emblems Exude Prestige

    A logo that is thoughtfully integrated into a business’ advertising and business correspondence becomes a key piece in the recognition of the company’s brand—intelligent branding promotes a business’s prominence.  The emblem becomes a mascot, of sorts, and once recognized and affectionately embraced by the public, it secures the loyalty of a company’s niche consumers.

    And isn’t it interesting how one company can manage to have that special ‘something’ that its equally-reputable contender does not?  The answer is simple:  brand recognition.  When customers come to trust and rely on a brand—with that brand being fully associated with an emblem—customer loyalty will forge ahead in the form of repeat business and increased sales.

    Emblems Reflect Pride

    An emblem denotes professionalism in any business; and that professionalism is a reflection of the company’s pride in the products they offer and pride in the services they provide.  When pride becomes woven into a company’s unique bolt of cloth, it becomes the heartbeat of the business; and the public senses it.  You can bet your bottom dollar a company that is proud of who and what it is and stands for has an emblem to represent it.  The pride within a business and the emblem associated with that business become mutually inclusive.  To the consumer, pride = stability + professionalism + targeted enthusiasm; and that = PROFITS!

    Emblems Create Profit

    And speaking of profits, when your brand becomes recognizable and memorable, your company’s identify is correspondingly strengthened which equates to a broader consumer base—and THAT, of course, means an increased profit margin.  A huge part of brand recognition is the visual recognition of the company’s emblem.  The emblem’s visual identity can become very personal and emotional; and when the connection between the emblem and the consumers is a passionate one, your company is not only loved; but it will reap the financial rewards.  Here is an interesting case in point:  Back in 2010, the famed GAP clothing store decided to launch a new logo.  The font for the word ‘GAP’ was changed as well as the background coloration.  Only days after the new emblem for the company was launched, a public outcry ensued, especially on Facebook and Twitter, where thousands and thousands of GAP fans made their feelings of dissatisfaction known.  A GAP representative responded by saying:  “We heard them say over and over again they are passionate about our blue-box logo; and they want it back!  So we’ve made the decision to do just that—we’ll bring it back…”   It is interesting to note that before 1969, the retail name “GAP” didn’t even exist!  The company and its emblem are beloved by countless fans.

    An emblem contributes to a company appearing to be visually profitable; and that garners more new customers because they are thinking:  “This business looks like it makes a profit (i.e.:  is successful) which means there must be a lot of satisfied customers.  I’ll check it out.”  ‘Profit’ looks good!

    So, an emblem can transform an unknown company into one that is genuinely loved AND extremely profitable—what more could a business possibly ask for?

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