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  • Why You Should Have A Professional Install Your Electric Gate

    Iron Gate

    Often the first impression and statement on your property, an electric gate awaits and greets your guests first thing. It’s the preface, the beginning, but it’s also the period at the end, the finish; your guests travel through it full circle, therefore, it should be near perfect. While form is key, it means nothing if function isn’t there.



    This is where the experts at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron come in. We’re not only leaders in gate artistry and design, but also electric gate performance and repair. Read on to learn the reasons a professional company like Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron should install your electric gate today.


    First and foremost, it’s necessary your gate works safely and effectively. Installers should be Certified Gate Operator Installers, like those here at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron. We take tremendous pride in certification and remain up to date on all regulations and trends, including all UL325 and ASTM F2200 requirements.

    This means our installers and products incorporate quality-control standards from nationally known testing laboratories and certification organizations alike. The result is a rigorously evaluated product designed to operate automatically. We’re committed to your safety; therefore we uphold these standards daily, from the product to eventual installation.


    Z Talbert Swing Gate Closed - Azle, Texas 76020

    Not all gates are created equal! Many require specialized additions and updates, some of which you may know you need and some which you didn’t realize you could have; you have the your vision, but allow us at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron to realize it with all the bells and whistle you’ve maybe never consider. Whether it’s a card reader, intercom or telephone entry system, we can help. It’s just another perk of professional installation awaiting you with professional gate installation at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron.


    Perhaps the greatest advantage to professional installation, if done well, is the satisfaction and peace of mind it can guarantee. At Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron, we provide a one-year service warranty. This guarantees a year of flawless function for your new gate. Additionally, we offer maintenance contracts on new automatic gate installations to assure trouble free service. We want you to enjoy your gate everyday just as much as you did the first day we installed it.


    Whether your property is private or commercial, rural or residential, trust the professionals at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron with your every gate need. Our craftsmen and installation professionals can’t wait to share their passion and expertise with you today.

  • How to Spruce Up Your Business (Custom Emblems)

    Side view of Wild Mushroom custom emblem

    When it comes to your business, why wouldn’t you want it to stand out from the rest? After all, it’s ingrained in our American identity to praise and uphold the individual, to cherish their uniqueness and the same can be said for our enterprises.


    Through the power of symbols and custom emblems, companies assert this individuality proudly. In turn, those who do usually find tremendous success! After all, there are dozens of fast-food restaurants and chains, but the golden arches often literally and symbolically rise above the rest, professing that they’re different; they’re the one and only McDonald’s.


    Similarly, there are thousands of designers and millions upon millions of handbags, but those with the coveted and signature “CC’s” of Coco Chanel literally leaps out from the rest; just the imprint of this simple letter, back to back, creates aspirational possession regardless of what product the logo adorns. Of course, it’s not just these enterprises’ logos, which founded their success.


    The actual product and company came first. Still, it’s a mistake to disregard the power of the simple symbols these companies projected after their establishment and the influence these emblems have today.


    Since the relationship between emblems and companies is so indivisible and the company’s success often aligns with their use of a specific image, why wouldn’t you consider a strong, pronounced emblem for your own business? The main ingredients for your symbol should be individuality, simplicity and quality.

    Brumbaugh Quirk Custom Metal Emblem

    You want a marker, which immediately, cleanly and confidently communicates your business with one look. Perhaps it could be an icon, which meets your customers first thing. Whether it’s freestanding or emblazoned on a gate, the experts at Aberdeen Custom & Iron Gate are happy to produce an emblem perfect for your company.


    Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron has provided unique constructions and designs for over twenty years. Whether its emblems or gates, woodwork or metalwork, the craftsman at Aberdeen Custom Gate can provide for you an iconic addition as unique as your business. Each product is hand crafted and built to last. Contact them today to take your business from memorable to unforgettable.

  • Why You Should Buy A Custom Iron Gate

    Custom Iron Gate

    Those lucky enough to own a property, business or home with the capacity for a gate should realize the benefits of a custom built one. After all, it will be the first and last visual your visitors and clients enjoy; therefore, the entrance you create should be exactly what you’ve always wanted.


    Customization with a professional like those at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron allows the possibility of a gate that’s unique to you and your property. Whether you have a clear, specific vision or simply a space you know needs a gate you’ve yet to picture, we at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron can help. Customization with us will not only provide a functional entrance that wows, but a statement installation that will stand the test of time.


    For over 20 years, we at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron have provided quality gates and specialized in custom constructions and daring designs. We’re versatile in our gate building methods, which we mold to fit the needs of each customer.


    Each custom iron gate we produce is artfully hand crafted and built to last.  In fact, some of the hammer and forge techniques are the oldest in history; we know what it takes to make a gate that not only will last, but will also put a signature mark on your home or business. While we mostly specialize in more traditional designs, we’re happy to accommodate any customization you need.


    That’s the beauty of customization with those of us at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron, not only will you tap into our years of knowledge and expertise, but our creativity. A custom gate with us can be almost anything you envision. We’ll help survey the space the gate will fill and provide invaluable advice on what fits your needs. Therefore, you’re guaranteed a gate of the highest quality unlike any other.

    Custom Iron Gate - Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron

    In order to create the custom art we proudly design, our artists employ multiple techniques. Depending on the desired outcome, our designers use the following cutting-edge technologies:


    • Plasma and Water Cutting
    • Mig and Tig
    • AutoCAD Design



    We are experts in each of these disciplines and can’t wait to share with you their potential results. A custom gate with us is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. Our skills and experience combined with passion and artistry blend into customization that benefits our customers entirely. A custom gate with Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron is a statement that’s never been made before, never forgotten and can never be repeated. It truly is a rare original.

  • Want Your Gate To Last For Eons? – Customized Iron Gates


    Custom Wrought-Iron Gates Will Endure The Test Of Time

    It’s an art-form—it’s a skilled craft—it’s a combination of old-world metallurgy and high-tech methodologies that produce some of the most intricate and eye-catching custom-made gates you can feast your eyes on.  These dramatic pieces embellish properties belonging to businesses and homes in every corner of the globe; and custom-designed iron gates have been around far longer than most people realize.

    For thousands of years, customized iron gates were an integral part of human civilization; and these magnificent structures were fabricated via anvil and forge techniques where hammers, anvils and fire created not only gates but tools, jewelry, weaponry and a whole host of other metal items.  Bronze and iron were used to fashion incredibly heavy and enduring gated entries, primarily for protection.  Castles throughout the world still house these virtually indestructible defenses.    As was true of many castles, an iron-gate would be installed behind a heavy, wooden main-entrance door in case the wood door were to become compromised.

    Way Back When:

    In Old-World Scotland and England, lattice-style wrought-iron gates were produced with what was called ‘through and through’ construction where both horizontal and vertical iron bars were woven around and through each other, producing an actual weave-pattern.   This design was very intentional since it proved to be impossible to dismantle as well as adding to the immense weight of these formidable defenses.  Here are a few historic relics that are ‘living’ testimony to the endurance of iron gates that simply cannot be denied.   Wrought-iron gates endure the test of time!

    ** Blackness Castle:

    Though built in the 1400’s, the Blackness Castle went through tumultuous times; and various areas of the castle were modified throughout history.  In 1693, one area that was changed was the castle’s front entrance that became the recipient of a custom-made, lattice-work iron-gate.  That impressive piece still proudly adorns the front passage-way of this very, very old Scottish fortress.   The bolts that anchor the gate are over 300 years old and are still securely in place!

    *** Thornbury Castle:

    The Thornbury Castle is situated in England and was built in the early 15th Century.  The magnificent, arched front entrance is adorned by a bi-fold wrought-iron gate with exquisite detailing.  The gate was hand-forged and custom-made and remains fully intact and securely attached to the rounded stone frame that is situated on the bricked entry-way!

    *** Lismore Castle:

    Dating back to the 12th century, the Lismore Castle was an actual residence that still offers an enchanting entrance that is protected with a lovely bi-fold, wrought-iron-gate.  The design of this customized beauty incorporates scrolling features in addition to twisted vertical bars.  Both sides of this gate are still attached to the stone pillars that flank it!

    If you desire a ‘Wow’ factor for your home, a wrought-iron gate will add an ambiance that cannot be ignored.    The endurance of a wrought-iron gate is unsurpassed—it will prove to be a timeless piece that will serve as a family heirloom for decades and decades to come!

  • CAD Software – Used in the Fabrication of Customized Gates and Sculptures


    computerHave you ever seen a custom-made gate that truly caught your eye?  Furthermore, have you ever wondered how these works-of-art are created?   Customized gates are the result of highly-skilled craftsmen (or women!) who specialize in the fabrication of these beauties using a variety of techniques to achieve the exact look and feel a client desires.  Whether it’s designing and creating logos or sculptures for a business or whether it’s fabricating a design that represents a family tradition or hobby or even producing a striking likeness of a cherished pet, virtually anything and everything can be transformed from an idea held in one’s imagination to a stunning 3-D reality!

    The tools and techniques to transform ‘vision’ to ‘realism’, with respect to custom-designed gates, require multiple applications:  anvil and forge (an age-old method using heat and hammering), MIG (a specialized-type of welding), plasma (high-tech metal-cutting) , water-jet technologies (cutting metals using pressurized-water) and what is referred to as CAD or Computer-Aided Design.  Computer-Aided Design is where clients have an opportunity to sit down with the artisan and become intimately involved with the design of the image that is yet to be fashioned.  It is here where it becomes very exciting for all involved since everything from imaging to design variations to viewing the ‘finished’ product become an optic journey that produces excitement and eager anticipation!

    Let’s delve a bit more into Computer-Aided Design and how it helps to create the gorgeous pieces of eye-candy incorporated as sculptures or custom-gates you see embellishing distinguished businesses, homes, ranches and expansive estates.

    So, How Does CAD Software Work?

    Computer-Aided-Design is a specialized software program that allows specialists in the customized-iron arena to bring the clients’ ideas to life!   CAD is so intricate and precise it is used in aerospace design, architectural structuring, film animation and a whole host of other highly-technical applications.   In fact, almost every automotive manufacturer in the entire world relies on CAD to assist in the design, engineering and manufacturing of everything from trucks to race-cars to SUVs to military Humvee’s.

    CAD Offers Efficiency and Precision:

    The level of micro-detailing that is offered through Computer-Aided Design is nothing short of astonishing.  When clients sit down with a representative from Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, for example, detailed information can be shared for analyses and feedback by viewing visual prototypes that can be modified and refined, on demand.   This helps to minimize the time it would normally take to fabricate a gate, for example, from drawing board to finished product.

    CAD software is so fine-tuned that any possible design faults can be immediately identified and eliminated to ensure the highest-level of perfection in both design and functionality of the item to be produced.  Computer simulations allow a client to view his or her gate or sculpture with intricate, animated 3-D features; and at this point, it’s impossible to not become excited about how an idea from one’s imagination has, almost magically, taken shape on the computer screen!

    Thanks to CAD software, production time is reduced and the customized-iron products are crafted better, faster and more cost-effectively.  And in the end, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved; and CAD software helps to make it all happen!

  • Gate Openers – Making Life Just A Little Easier!

    Automatic Gate

    Having the opportunity to own a custom gate for one’s personal residence is a delight; and if you own one, you know what I mean!  From the designing to the fabrication to the installation, a custom wooden, steel, wrought-iron or other type of gate provides aesthetic imagery to one’s property in addition to offering an increased sense of security and added value to one’s home or estate.

    One of the decisions gate owners will make is whether or not they wish to include a remote control as part of the operating mechanisms or decide upon an automatic gate.   Remote control/automated gates provide an added dimension of security as well as convenience!  Here are a few things you should know about gate openers.

    Remote-Control Gate Openers:

    If you choose a remote control as part of your gate’s system, you’ll find it’s very much like the remote control you use for your television or your car.  Once the button is pushed, a signal is sent to a receiver attached to your gate and the gate’s movement is initiated.   If necessary, multiple universal remotes can be programmed for different family members.   The only concern might be losing a remote, not knowing whose unauthorized hands might have access to that remote and, therefore, to your property.

    One nice advantage of remote control openers is their ability to bypass any power failures.  Most remote-controls are battery-operated so when the power goes out, the operation of the gate will not be compromised.   And, of course, never having to get out of your vehicle is a nice little luxury, especially when the weather is inclement or harsh.   Additionally, remote-control openers are not complicated to install and do-it-yourselfers can perform the installation with relative ease.

    It’s important to make sure any remote-control system is compatible with the style of the gate.  A remote system designed for a swing gate will not work with a sliding gate, etc.

    Automatic Openers:

    Some types of automatic gates are quite interesting in that they provide authorized vehicles to be equipped with a sensor that is part of the automatic-opener package.  In other words, if a vehicle attempts to enter without the necessary sensor, the gate remains closed—it won’t budge!  Infrared signals communicate from the transmitter to the receiver and the codes used cannot be easily duplicated.  Some automatic openers are remote-control, also.

    Some gates are located in remote areas such as on an expansive ranch or farm.  When the issue of livestock enters the equation, having gates that will close automatically, once an authorized vehicle has passed through, is a huge convenience!   And just a side note—Brahman cattle, for example, are very difficult to block at gate entrances, so being able to drive through a gate entrance with auto-closing is a bonus.

    Interestingly, automatic gates can be powered by solar energy or battery packs; and solar-powered technology allows gates up to 1,000 pounds to be fully operable!    A sliding solar-powered gate is equipped with an infrared obstacle sensor, situated on the wall, to ensure the gate does not close while a vehicle or other obstacle is in the way.   

    Keep A Few Basics In Mind:

    Gate openers cater to light residential needs to heavy-duty commercial applications.  When selecting an automatic/remote/solar gate opener, take into consideration your gate’s swing-type as well as the respective weight limitations the openers can support.  Also, the amount of use is a huge consideration since gates that are continually used will require a heavier-duty gate opener.

    Custom-gates with openers that cater to the comfort and convenience of the owners are a luxury, indeed!

  • Thinking of Converting Your Manual Gate to an Automatic Version?

    Large Wooden Driveway Gate

    There is certainly something to be said about the conveniences involved with owning an automatic gate verses a manual one.  Automatic gates offer several coveted benefits, two of which, include not having to expose yourself to inclement weather and remaining safe by having the option of staying in your vehicle at all times.

    Converting your manual gate to an automatic certainly can be done, but there are a few things to take into consideration.  Let’s take a look at what those considerations are.

    Do You Currently Own A Manual Swing Gate?

    If you own a swing or double-swing gate, you’ll need to assess the type and strength of your posts.   The material the posts are constructed of will determine a lot–for example:

    1:  if the posts are wood, they will need to be replaced in order to accommodate an automatic system.

    2:  if your gates are secured to masonry columns, the columns will need to be replaced by heavy steel posts.

    3:  if your gates are hung off a steel plate or steel posts that are actually embedded into the masonry column, chances are, no replacement will be necessary.  With that being said, you may be limited with having to use only a pad-mount swing-gate operator.

    4:  if your gates are attached to heavy-weight steel which are embedded in concrete, you will have no problems with incorporating an automated system.

    Manual swing gate hinges that secure the gate to the posts will need to be replaced.  That is typically a given when converted to an automated system.

    Different Swing Gates—Different Logistics:

    Don’t get discouraged just because there are a few other restrictions you should be aware of.

    If you own a wood swing gate, the frame is not conducive to automation per se, but the good news is, there are some exceptions.   Thinner wood gates are out of luck but thick, durable hardwood gates will work!  If your wood gate is questionable in terms of being able to handle automation, you have the option of having a professional construct a steel frame, on which, to mount your wood gate.

    Chain link swing gates work well with automation assuming there is no substantial sagging or flexing; and steel frame swing gates pose no problems with automation.

  • Wrought Iron Gates—Oh, The Beauty They Display!

    Enhance The Beauty of Your Home or Business

    If you really want to give your property—whether business or residential—enhanced beauty and a true feeling of strength and security, a customized iron gate would be an excellent choice!  Probably the most unique and breath-taking custom iron gate I ever encountered proudly displayed a gorgeous iron angel with a 6-foot wingspan—it was absolutely stunning!

    If you’ve thought about adding an additional element of panache to your home or business, a custom iron-gate can be fabricated to fulfill virtually any design or theme your heart desires!  Flowers and vines, ocean waves, musical instruments, animals, hot air balloons, scroll work, initials—you name it, the list is endless; and the designs can be created to appeal to anyone’s taste, interest or lifestyle!   A set of wrought-iron porch railings coupled with a corresponding driveway gate can offer simple refinement to even the most modest property.  A hand-forged wrought-iron gate becomes a legacy that will be viewed as a relic to be treasured for generations.

    A Little Bit Of History:

    One doesn’t hear the term “wrought” iron that much anymore since the word “wrought” is synonymous with “worked”—as if by hand.  There are, however, customized gate fabricators who still do utilize old-world methods of iron working such as: Hammer/Anvil & Forge.  Hammer/Anvil & Forge is a truly historic and antiquated technique for working metal; and top-quality custom-gate fabricators use this old-style method, even today.  The ancient Egyptians and the old Roman Empire of thousands of years ago utilized this process to create everything from coins to jewelry to crowns.   Craftsmen twisted, curled, pounded and fashioned molten slag iron bars into every imaginable wrought-iron implement, tool or object—whether for fashion or function.

    Today, custom-gate fabricators can create truly handcrafted works of art though hammering, bending, shaping and compressing metals to achieve impressions that literally emerge as a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!  No two pieces will ever be identical!

    Other tech-incorporated methodologies are used, as well, for pieces that must be cut with absolute precision.  Here, stunning and very detailed intricacies can be achieved with almost laser-like precision.  With technologically-advanced procedures, any shaped pattern can be easily cut as well as pierced.   Every material from steel to granite to glass to brass (and more) can be worked with stunning accuracy.


    Ironwork possesses an inherent beauty that is timeless.   Simple lines transform into twirls, swirls, sweeps, weaves, curls, twists and points to embellish a wrought-iron work that has a grace all its own.  Iron can complement any architectural style—a sportsman might select a wrought-iron gate fashioned in the shape of a deer; someone living in the Everglades could choose a wrought-iron design showcasing a great blue heron; and a suburban housewife could delight in a more demure selection where a smaller, modest garden gate could humbly display a floral bouquet.

    Wrought-iron is virtually maintenance-free; and remains stronger and more durable than cast iron, tubular steel or aluminum.  In some cases, wrought-iron is almost indestructible.  The down side of wrought-iron, however, is the fact that the raw material to produce it is in relatively short supply, which makes wrought-iron pieces more expensive.  Somewhat like diamonds—the harder the natural material is to find, the more costly the material will be.  But my, oh my—its beauty and magnificence is incomparable!

  • Considering A Gate For Your Property?

    Are you considering a gate design for your property?  If so, whatever design you might choose is a big consideration, of course; and an equally important consideration deals with gate hardware that will have to accommodate the respective weight, size and usage of the gate.

    Gate Hinges:

    If you choose a steel or iron driveway gate, you will probably need to have gate hinges custom-fabricated due to the inherent weight.  If you plan on purchasing a wooden gate, you’ll have the probable option of choosing from a vast selection of catalogue samples.  An important feature that should never be overlooked concerning gate hinges is the ball bearings, which should be an automatic consideration.   Ball bearings do wonders to allow ease with the gate’s ability to open, not to mention keeping the gate operating properly for many years.

    Gate Latches and Locks:

    It goes without saying that a driveway gate will get its share of slams throughout its lifetime, not to mention just everyday use.  If the gate is made from a heavier material—such as steel vs aluminum—the gate latches will prematurely wear down when something as innocuous as smaller screws are used.  Gate latch failure can also become a problem if the latches are made of cast aluminum—a flimsy material not suited for latches that will have to endure repeated use.  Cast aluminum latches have a shorter lifespan than heavier materials and will bend and warp to the point where the gate will not be able to latch shut, at all.

    So what’s the best material for gate latches?—heavy steel!  Steel latches should, also, be properly sealed to prevent corrosion of the locking device.  There is one thing to be aware of regarding steel latches and locks, however; and it’s this:  if any kind of shifting of the soil occurs, and if the gate pillars were installed improperly, the latches would present a real challenge as far as their adjustment would be concerned since they are embedded into the gate frame, much like a steel door handle on your front door.  Other types of gate latches that are secured with proper screws on the exterior of the gate frame would not be problematic and could be easily removed.  If any shifting of soil occurs with gates constructed of screw-on latches, new holes can be effortlessly drilled to reposition the latches.

    Gate Post Materials:

    Have you thought about what type of material you might use for the gate posts?  Some of the most widely-used materials are 1) stucco 2) natural stone 3) cultured stone and 4) wood.  Deciding which material to use will rest on two factors—what look you desire and how much you are willing to spend.

    Natural Stone:

    Possesses the classiest look, costs the most to construct but will last forever!

    Stucco and Cultured Stone:

    Are simply aesthetic coverings over cement blocking and are more affordable.  Stucco can be painted to suit any changing tastes; and cultured stone can be removed (not cheaply) to accommodate a different style of stone, if and when desired.  When sealed against the elements, stucco and cultured stone will last a good many years!


    Wood gateposts can be expensive and must be sealed and have the ability to thoroughly withstand the elements.  European Oak is one type of wood used for gatepost construction due to its extreme strength and reliable durability.   This particular oak finishes well and has very little shrinkage.

    And as far as topping off the posts, gate post caps are narrowed down to two main choices:  precast concrete or natural stone.  Both materials are very durable.

    Any Design Is Possible!

    Whatever material one might choose for a custom gate, the bottom line is that the finished product will add sophisticated beauty to any home—whether large or small.  There should be consistency between the style of the home and the architectural design of the gate.  There also needs to be proportion in relation to the respective home to make sure the gate doesn’t overpower a smaller home nor appear too small for a much larger home—this is where a professional gate designer comes in!   He or she will incorporate not only consistency and proportion but scale and balance; and if really creative, will take some of the existing design elements of the home or even characteristics of one’s lifestyle and incorporate one or the other into the gate’s design, as well.

    The fun part is the prospective gate owner having the option to incorporate whatever design trips his trigger.  Elvis Presley, with the help of gate-fabrication specialists, had a custom iron gate created with a silhouette of himself playing a guitar on both halves of his bi-fold, Graceland driveway gate—anything is possible!

  • One of the Most Famous Custom-Gates in America!

    Ok, I’ll throw a few hints at you and let’s see if you can guess which celebrity I’m referring to who had an impressively-designed custom gate installed in front of his modest mansion.

    Clue #1:  This celebrity was a male singer and a musician.

    Clue #2:  This celebrity had a metal gate designed with over-sized musical notes and 2 larger-than-life images of himself playing a guitar—all embedded into the gate’s meshed, iron background.

    Clue #3:  This celebrity purchased his home and property, which the custom gate adorned, when he was only 22 years old.

    Clue #4:  (This will be a dead giveaway)—this celebrity’s wrought-iron, music-themed custom gate welcomed friends and visitors who would come to socialize on Graceland’s beautiful 13.8 acres.

    If you guessed Elvis Presley, then you’re absolutely right!  And Graceland, by the way, is one of the most-visited private homes in the United States with over 600,000 visitors each year.

    Elvis Wasted No Time!

    It was in April 1957 that Elvis and members of his immediate family—his parents and his grandmother—moved onto Graceland, at a cost of $102,000.  At the time, the ‘Music Gates’ were not yet a part of this most-famous piece of southern real-estate.  Elvis, however, didn’t waste any time getting his customized gate designed, built and installed.  A local Memphis artisan was given the coveted responsibility of creating Elvis’ Musical Gates—with the left and right halves of each gate component coming together in the center.

    The ornate gate is shaped like a book of sheet music with green-hued musical notes and a silhouette of Elvis playing the guitar on both halves.   On April 22, 1957, the Musical Gates were installed and have since become the most famous representation of the entire estate!

    Interesting Tidbits about Elvis’ Custom Gates:

    There are some intriguing tidbits of information surrounding the custom-made gate at Elvis’ Graceland estate.  Here are a few you might find interesting:

    1:  One long-lived rumor says the inspiration for the Musical Gates was derived from the sheet music for the song, Jailhouse Rock.   Guess we’ll never know for sure if that is, indeed, true.

    2:  Both halves of the gate were attached on the part of the stone walls that surround the property.  Those surrounding Alabama fieldstone walls cost Elvis a whopping $65,000; but the gate’s installation- cost, back in 1947, was $2,400.00—excluding the design fee.

    3:  In April of 2010, in-spite of 24/7 camera surveillance and an on-staff security guard, a black SUV was intentionally driven through the Musical Gates at Graceland in the wee hours of the morning.  One of the gate halves received a small hole and the connecting hardware was especially ravaged.  For the first time, since the gate had been installed in 1957, it had to be removed for repairs.  After restoration, the gates were repainted and reinstalled only days after the unfortunate and mysterious incident had taken place.

    4:  Elvis’ customized gates quickly became a focal point at the entrance of Graceland since it was here where Elvis chose to greet many of his adoring fans during the early years of his fame and immense success.

    Customized Gates Can Be Yours:

    The nice thing is, you don’t have to be wealthy or be a celebrity to customize a gate of your own that reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle!  Intricate patterns and unique carvings can be incorporated with virtually any theme or design—the creativity involved with any gate is literally limited by only one’s imagination.

    Come visit Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron to turn your vision into a stunning 3-D reality!  Our legendary gates epitomize handcrafted elegance with meticulous attention-to-detail.  Come give us your ideas!

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