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Custom Fabrication

Welcome to Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron!  Are you planning to add any type of custom metal sign, gate, emblem or heirloom-quality embellishment to your business or personal property in Willow Park?  If so, you have reached one of most-recognized contenders in the custom-gate and iron industry!   Our skilled craftsmen do what they do best: hand-create beautiful works-of-art for any setting including residential, commercial, retail, industrial and restricted-access environments.  It’s all about beautification, security or a combination of both.

Every customized project—regardless of how small or large or how simplistic or intricate—receives the utmost attention-to-detail.  Our seasoned artisans will fully meet or exceed your grandest expectations!


Specialized Fabrication Techniques

At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, custom fabrication is made possible through old-world techniques that date back thousands of years, in addition to our high-tech procedures.  We can create detailing, texturing and shaping that give each piece its distinctive look and feel.   From company logos to stand-alone architectural sculptures to customized gates, we employ techniques that cater to any request.

 1:  Hammer/Anvil and Forge:

Hammer/anvil and forge deal with the heating of metal which is then fashioned in endless ways to create custom gates, custom metal signs, wall-art and so much more.  Heated metal is hammered, bent, shaped and compressed to create an endless variety of gorgeous pieces for home or business—both inside and outside.

2:  Plasma and Water Jet Cutting:

Water Jet Cutting permits the formation of detailed intricacies through the use of highly-pressurized water jets.  This technology is so precise it is utilized by the aerospace industry.  With Plasma Cutting, steel and other metals can be cut with ease through the use of a plasma torch.

3:  Mig and Tig Welding:

Mig and Tig Welding are two slightly different welding procedures which allow for sculpting via liquefying and solidification processes.

4:  AutoCAD Design:

AutoCAD Design allows our clients to become personally involved!  This software creates computerized imagery; and it is so advanced, it is regularly utilized by architects and engineers around the world.  Our AutoCAD system can, also, explore inspirational ideas you may not have ever considered.

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We encourage you to call our office and speak with one of our team-members who will address any inquiries you might have.  Let’s make this happen!

Weatherford, TX 76086 - (817) 596-7678