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Custom Iron Gates Willow Park, TX

Willow Park Custom Iron Gates

Custom Iron Gates

For almost 2 decades, Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron has served families and businesses in North Texas with immense pride and passion.  As a recognized leader in the customized-gate industry, we couldn’t be more pleased that Willow Park and other strategic communities continue to offer Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron the opportunity to embed our name and our reputation in settings that range from personal estates to business fronts to Texas ranches.

Whether you are thinking of a custom iron gate, a wood-gate or a hybrid version that includes wood and iron, your finished work-of-art will not only provide a striking ambiance to your business or personal property, but it will garner attention and become an heirloom for generations to come.

Our talented artisans utilize a variety of fabricating techniques to cater to the exact look and feel each and every client requests.  Their visons become transformed into stunning 3-D realities via hammer & forge–which dates back thousands of years–as well as high-tech procedures including Plasma & Water Jet Cutting, Mig & Tig Welding and Auto-CAD design.

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Our Methodologies Make the Difference!

Every gate we create becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in its own right; and when clients see their finished products for the first time, the words “exquisite”, “breath-taking” and “striking” are music to our ears!

Intricate detailing can be achieved via one or more of the fabrication procedures mentioned, above; and each specialized process produces specialized results:

1:  Plasma & Water Cutting enables intricacy of detailing as well as impressively-precise cutting

2:  Mig & Tig represent two types of welding—each designed to meticulously chisel, carve and shape

3: Auto CAD Design is an advanced software program that allows our clients to view 2-D and 3-D representations of any gate in various phases of development.  It is, here, where our patrons have an opportunity to become more-personally involved in the creation process!

Gate Automation

The craftsmanship that goes into each custom iron-gate represents the epitome of beauty and quality while the automation that one might include with their gate represents the pinnacle of convenience and safety.  At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we partner with only top-of-the-line affiliates including Linear, Apollo, Liftmaster and U.S. Automatic.  We encourage you to visit our “Gate Access and Operators” page for additional information.

From ‘Vision’ to ‘Reality’

You have a vision of what you want your custom iron-gate to look like; and getting the ball rolling involves a few simple steps.

1:  Visit with us and we will discuss your desires, budget and options.

2:  You will enjoy being an active participant in the design process via our CAD software.  Be prepared to be amazed at what we can do to meet or exceed your wildest expectations, down to the smallest of details.

3: Once your gate design has been determined, gate hinge posts will be set in-place on your property.

4:  Fabrication of the gate will begin.

5:  Once completed, your gate will be powder-coated.  This will include a zinc primer base followed by a topcoat in a color of your choosing.

6:  Your gate will arrive at your location!  We use heavy-duty, roller-bearing, sealed hinges which have a stellar reputation for decades of maintenance-free operation.

Contact Us!

We look forward to meeting you!  Give us a call, today, and we will address any inquires, on the spot!

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