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Custom Metal Sign Fabrication in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Custom Metal-Sign Fabrication

Welcome to Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron! We appreciate your interest in learning more about our company’s services for custom metal sign fabrication. Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron has an unsurpassed reputation throughout North Texas for crafting customized metal signs; and we take great pride in serving the residents and business owners of Fort Worth. Our company’s uncompromising dedication to superior customer service and attention to detail—from the drawing board to the finished product—says everything about who we are, how we do business, and how we relate to our Fort Worth patrons.

Though Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron has been the forerunner in fence and gate construction in North Texas since 1997, our desire to fabricate custom metal signs for residential and business applications has become an industry-recognized facet of our specialized craft. We credit much of that accomplishment to the varied fabrication techniques we employ including Hammer/Anvil and Forge which is a centuries-old, handcrafted procedure in addition to Plasma & Water Jet Cutting, Mig & Tig Welding and AutoCAD Design which are state-of-art technologies that allow for meticulous detailing and absolute precision.

Our reputation precedes us; and because of that, our patrons know their visions will be transformed into a one-of-kind work-of-art that will be of the utmost quality and garner attention for many years to come. Every finished piece reflects the personality and character of the property for which it was intended–whether a private residence or a commercial or industrial venue.

Wild Mushroom Custom Emblem alternate viewWild Mushroom Emblem before powdercoat

Your Wish is Our Labor of Love

Do you have a specific idea in mind that you would like to discuss with us over a cup of coffee? Perhaps you are thinking of something very simplistic and stream-lined such as a single letter or a word or company brand or logo. Would you prefer a vintage, rustic or contemporary feel? You can choose more-detailed graphics that depict animals, outdoor scenes or silhouettes of family members. We utilize various engraving techniques, cut-outs, metal embossing and 2-D and 3-D artwork and texturing that will create an exclusive masterpiece.

Think of the possibilities: hanging or stationary signs, indoor signage (metal wall art for any room of your home) or outdoor applications (porch, garden, pool area, entrance to a country estate etc.), shiny or antiqued, textured or smooth, colorations or natural finishes. When it comes to custom metal-sign fabrication, the design possibilities are absolutely endless and are limited only by one’s imagination.

Regardless of what your request might be, crafting customized metal signs for our Fort Worth patrons is our passion! The labor involved truly is a labor of love for us. Observing our clients’ expressions as they feast their eyes on their heirloom-quality masterpiece for the first time makes us realize we really do have the best ‘job’ in the world!

Give Us a Call

If you have questions or would like any suggestions regarding materials, detailing and/or design, just give us a call. As mentioned, one of our high-tech procedures involves AutoCAD Design; and it is here where you can sit down with us and gain 2-D and 3-D visualizations of your finished product via computerized imagery as well as actively participate in your sign’s design. When you are able to see your mental image take on ‘life’ before your eyes, the process becomes very exciting for everyone involved!
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Weatherford, TX 76086 - (817) 596-7678