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Gate Operator Installation in Millsap, TX

Millsap Gate Operator Installation

Hello and welcome!  You have reached the online site for Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron.  If you have been searching for a company that specializes in the installation of automatic gates as well as gate operators, then search no more!   Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron serves the residents and business owners of numerous communities in North Texas; and we are pleased to offer our expertise in Millsap, Texas, as well.

Our company has an impeccable reputation for the crafting of gorgeous, custom-designed gates, and our pride in our works-of-art is, truly, warranted.  Our services do not stop there, however.  We specialize in gate and gate-operator installation; and for almost 16 years, this part of our service has helped establish our renowned brand among home owners and business owners, alike.

Why Hire Us As Your Gate Operator Installation Company?

To begin with, there could be any number of reasons why you would choose to hire an automatic gate installation company:

  1. You are looking to install a gate system on your property for the first time
  2. You wish to transform your non-electric gate system into an automatic variety
  3. Your existing gate system is in need of upgrading or replacement, or
  4. You wish to add some cool accessories to your existing gate system to provide enhanced security or to, simply, make your life that much easier.

Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron’s services fully cater to those types of situations; and our vast array of add-on accessories, such as:

  • Card readers
  • Telephone entry systems, or
  • Driveway alarms

Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron accommodates every type of gate and gate-operator-installation need regardless of location:

  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Rural
  • Commercial, or industrial settings, and
  • City or country estates

No job is too big or too small!  Sharing ideas with one of our representatives will leave you with the kind of assurance you would expect from a gate company that is a recognized leader in this competitive industry.

Our Gate Installers are Fully Certified

We feel it’s vitally important that our Millsap customers are aware that Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron is one of very few companies that employs installers who are completely knowledgeable with the most recent UL325 and ASTMF 2200 requirements.  Our products and our maintenance/installation services fully comply with the quality-control standards set by nationally-recognized testing laboratories and certification organizations that meticulously analyze products designed to operate automatically.  Making sure our company adheres to the highest safety-requirements is first and foremost.

Our Gate-Operator Partners

Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron is affiliated with only the most reputable leaders in the gate-operator industry; and we service any make, model or brand of gate operator.  Our partners include:

  • Apollo
  • All-o-Matic
  • Linear
  • Liftmaster
  • Elite
  • Multi-Code
  • S. Automatic
  • CellGate

Our gifted artisans place a tremendous amount of pride in the workmanship of each of our gates; and our specialized technicians place the same amount of pride in the installation of every gate and gate opener.  All our team members take our business and our craft very seriously.

We Warranty Our Work

Regardless of whether your gate installation takes place in a commercial, residential or rural location, we offer a ONE-year service warranty in addition to maintenance contracts on the installation of new automatic gates.  Our products, our services and our warranties reflect our reputation; and maintaining the kind of respect and recognition we have earned over the years will never change!

Contact Us Today

Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron is only a phone call away!  You, also, have the option to send any inquiries to our office address or send a quick email.  Simply click our Contact Us page and follow the simple prompts.  Any questions or ideas we receive from you should be as specific as possible to ensure a prompt and thorough reply.

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