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One of the Most Famous Custom-Gates in America! - Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron

One of the Most Famous Custom-Gates in America!

One of the Most Famous Custom-Gates in America!

Ok, I’ll throw a few hints at you and let’s see if you can guess which celebrity I’m referring to who had an impressively-designed custom gate installed in front of his modest mansion.

Clue #1:  This celebrity was a male singer and a musician.

Clue #2:  This celebrity had a metal gate designed with over-sized musical notes and 2 larger-than-life images of himself playing a guitar—all embedded into the gate’s meshed, iron background.

Clue #3:  This celebrity purchased his home and property, which the custom gate adorned, when he was only 22 years old.

Clue #4:  (This will be a dead giveaway)—this celebrity’s wrought-iron, music-themed custom gate welcomed friends and visitors who would come to socialize on Graceland’s beautiful 13.8 acres.

If you guessed Elvis Presley, then you’re absolutely right!  And Graceland, by the way, is one of the most-visited private homes in the United States with over 600,000 visitors each year.

Elvis Wasted No Time!

It was in April 1957 that Elvis and members of his immediate family—his parents and his grandmother—moved onto Graceland, at a cost of $102,000.  At the time, the ‘Music Gates’ were not yet a part of this most-famous piece of southern real-estate.  Elvis, however, didn’t waste any time getting his customized gate designed, built and installed.  A local Memphis artisan was given the coveted responsibility of creating Elvis’ Musical Gates—with the left and right halves of each gate component coming together in the center.

The ornate gate is shaped like a book of sheet music with green-hued musical notes and a silhouette of Elvis playing the guitar on both halves.   On April 22, 1957, the Musical Gates were installed and have since become the most famous representation of the entire estate!

Interesting Tidbits about Elvis’ Custom Gates:

There are some intriguing tidbits of information surrounding the custom-made gate at Elvis’ Graceland estate.  Here are a few you might find interesting:

1:  One long-lived rumor says the inspiration for the Musical Gates was derived from the sheet music for the song, Jailhouse Rock.   Guess we’ll never know for sure if that is, indeed, true.

2:  Both halves of the gate were attached on the part of the stone walls that surround the property.  Those surrounding Alabama fieldstone walls cost Elvis a whopping $65,000; but the gate’s installation- cost, back in 1947, was $2,400.00—excluding the design fee.

3:  In April of 2010, in-spite of 24/7 camera surveillance and an on-staff security guard, a black SUV was intentionally driven through the Musical Gates at Graceland in the wee hours of the morning.  One of the gate halves received a small hole and the connecting hardware was especially ravaged.  For the first time, since the gate had been installed in 1957, it had to be removed for repairs.  After restoration, the gates were repainted and reinstalled only days after the unfortunate and mysterious incident had taken place.

4:  Elvis’ customized gates quickly became a focal point at the entrance of Graceland since it was here where Elvis chose to greet many of his adoring fans during the early years of his fame and immense success.

Customized Gates Can Be Yours:

The nice thing is, you don’t have to be wealthy or be a celebrity to customize a gate of your own that reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle!  Intricate patterns and unique carvings can be incorporated with virtually any theme or design—the creativity involved with any gate is literally limited by only one’s imagination.

Come visit Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron to turn your vision into a stunning 3-D reality!  Our legendary gates epitomize handcrafted elegance with meticulous attention-to-detail.  Come give us your ideas!

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