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Security Gates Designed for Real Protection and Peace of Mind

Security Gates Designed for Real Protection and Peace of Mind

Security Gates Designed for Real Protection and Peace of Mind

It is no surprise that the homes of the rich and famous are shrouded with heavily-fortified defenses, from top to bottom, to ensure the safety of the Hollywood elite and millionaires and billionaires that reside within.  The technology embedded into custom security gates that grace celebrity homes belonging to Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston or Jamie Foxx, for example, is impressive.  Facial recognition, Internet-synced cameras that transfer instant images to any mobile device and alarms that simulate on-premise guard dogs are only a few of the technologies that allow celebrities, idols and icons to sleep with both eyes shut.


The reality is, we live in a time where increased security is becoming a top priority for many, not for just the mega-wealthy.  Part of the reason for increased concerns rests with geopolitical scenarios that are unfolding around the world as well as incidences of violence on American soil that are grabbing more and more headlines.  Also, one’s personal information which is readily available on the Internet – including addresses – has given many an uneasy feeling of vulnerability.  The years of mid-20th Century innocence in our country which, to some degree, reflected Andy of Mayberry and Leave It To Beaver, are long gone.


Enhanced technologies are being created to literally meet the ever-increasing demands of those who will settle for nothing less than the most advanced security measures, possible.  Custom security gates are a huge component of the security industry; and those that are embedded with state-of-the-art amenities can offer immediate warnings and maximized protection for those who live behind them.  Along with high-tech amenities, of course, come some high price tags.  For those who have the monetary means, some tech-embedded security gates cost upwards of a cool $1 million or more.


Less is More


Many personalities, who’s names are household words, wish to live as privately and as covertly as possible; and along with that mindset is choosing security gates that are more mundane and nondescript in appearance.  Anymore, the idea of doing more to attract less attention is very much in vogue.  The goal is to keep stately, showy premises as low-key as possible in terms of outward appearance.  Using security gates that attract people to the parameters of showy estates is no longer a desire; and, now, safety trumps eye-catching attention.


Meet Dennis Bridwell, a private investigator and former security consultant for multiple Hollywood celebrities.  He states:  “Clients used to want huge gates and security detail sitting visibly outside.  But those days are over.”  The current trend is to use ordinary gates to be positioned in the most visible area of one’s estate while much more extravagant gates are reserved for close proximity to the home, itself.


The Security Industry is Booming


Also, gate-operator-system sales have dramatically increased as well as the security market in general, according to ADT.  ADT states that residences and small businesses in North America have dramatically stimulated the security-system industry.  One ADT statistic reveals that sales in security systems came in at $11.3 billion in 2006 but jumped to $12.5 billion by 2011.  Jeff Sprague, from Vertical Research Partners, is quick to point out:  “We had the worst housing market of all time, but the security business grew right through it.”


Below, are a just a few mega-wealthy individuals who have selected a number of elements to incorporate into their secured properties.  Keep in mind that information regarding celebrities’ security details will be very limited since those who wish to live private lives within the safety of their estates will not be advertising their security details, for obvious reasons.


Tom Cruise – Actor


1:  Home:  Beverly Hills, California


2:  Gate Detail:  Very simple, arched dual swing gates, about 6-feet high, positioned between stone pillars.


3:  Additional Security Features:  Small guard-shack, immediately, beyond the gate entrance.  A dense thicket of 50-foot trees tower above the long driveway leading to the home, about a fourth of a mile, beyond.

Pan-and-tilt cameras are hidden and mounted on the stone pillars on either side of the gate as well as on posts inside the driveway.  One of the cameras is positioned close to ground-level to read incoming license plates.

Steven Spielberg – Movie Producer


1:  Home:  Pacific Palisades, California


2:  Gate Detail:  Simple brown gates with wood planking, wrapped in chain link material.  The gates are sandwiched between low, white pillars.


3:  Additional Security Features:  Not known


Ty Warner – Billionaire (from Beanie Baby fame)


1:  Home:  Montecito, California


2:  Gate Detail:  Interior gates to accommodate interior doors on the front of the home are hand-rubbed bronze with heavy glass panels behind the metal work.  There are a three pairs of the bronze beauties, with each gate piece towering at 11 ½ feet.  Dis-similarly, the custom-made security gates positioned at the driveway’s entrance were created with a dark patina surface to reduce the metal’s shine and attract less attention.


3:  Additional Security Features:  Not known


Cool Technologies


Security technologies, as stated, are rapidly emerging to meet security demands.  The good news is, much of this technology is becoming increasingly affordable.  Security cameras, for example, have become much smaller in size and so have the price-tags.  Also, homeowners can route cameras to a monitoring center for as inexpensively as $100 a month!  Along with more affordability, quality has dramatically improved, too, where higher resolution and enhanced night-imaging is common place.


Then, there is analytic software that can determine the most minute detail – outside movement, for example, can be deciphered as ‘animal’, ‘person’, ‘vehicle’, or ‘overhead plane’ – based on temperature readings!  Underground cables can pick up subtle or not-so-subtle vibrations indicative of digging or climbing in the exact vicinity of the fence and gate areas.  Remotely viewing one’s property via an external camera that instantly generates images on any mobile device can get a bit pricey, however – to the tune of at least $65,000 when 30 cameras are being utilized, simultaneously.


Custom security gates can include keypads that legitimate visitors can use to gain access to the homeowner’s property’s, such as personal trainers, maids, cooks, etc. – all managed by the homeowner who can permit access at any time or deny access at any time.  Some very exclusive security gates are equipped with facial recognition software used by specialized cameras, to the tune of $10,000 a piece!  How about gates that are designed with vertical posts that protrude from, or recede into, the ground depending on whether a vehicle is entering or exiting the premises?  Electromagnetic locks have the ability to withstand 1,200 pounds of holding force; and even simple-looking gates can possess a fortress-like ability and be ‘crash-rated’ to hold back a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 30 mph!


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg


Security is a top-tier priority for Mark Zuckerberg, reflective of what he paid for JUST personal security from 2012 through 2015 – a whopping $19 million!  For 2015, alone, he spent $6.5 million on bodyguards and other measures for himself and his family, according to regulatory filings.  As the 6th-richest person in the world, serious threats from ISIS remain a concern, among domestic threats.  All his homes are security-gate protected with alarms, cameras and other high-tech devices in addition to 16 bodyguards that help to put his mind at ease.


Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be super-rich to afford security gates to protect one’s home, family or one’s business. One can choose as many, or as few, security add-ons one wishes for enhanced protection, day or night.  And for that, there simply is no price-tag!


At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we specialize in customized security gates.  We will be happy to address any questions you might have regarding everything from the highest-quality materials we us to the types of security features you can choose as well as gate operator options.  Give us a call –  we’ll have the answers you’re searching for!

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