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Custom Metal Signs, Emblems, & Fabrication, Weatherford, TX.

Custom Metal Signs, Fabrication, and Emblems

Wild Mushroom Custom Emblem alternate view

Welcome to Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron!   Do you have an interest in adding a custom metal sign, fabrication, or emblem to your property?  If that’s the case, then look no further.   Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron is a leading contender in the custom fabrication industry.   Fabrication, as it applies to Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, deals with the actual hands-on creation of stunning customized signs, emblems, and gate designs as well as other ironwork for any setting—including residential, commercial, industrial and restricted environments where enhanced security and/or beautification is the goal.  We have the expertise to accommodate any private or public venue.   Regardless of how large or small or how simplistic or elaborate your personal or business-related vision might be, every fabrication assignment we receive is handcrafted and treated with meticulous attention to detail.

Our Custom Metal Fabrication Techniques:

Custom gate and sculpture fabrication is the part of our craft we relish with great enthusiasm since it represents the heart of what we do.  Our team of dedicated and seasoned artisans integrates old-world practices–such as hammer/anvil and forge–in addition to state-of-the-art techniques that can transform your ideas and visions into 3-D masterpieces!  Custom metal signs, emblems, logos, brands, corporate sculptures or personalized embellishments of any type can be incorporated as part of a customized gate or stand-alone architectural piece.  Click here to some of our projects.

The various fabrication techniques we utilize allow us to create finished products that are eye-catching, bold and beautiful.

1:  Hammer/Anvil and Forge:

The hammer and forge technique dates back to antiquity and remains a tried-and-true manufacturing process for metalworking where anything from custom gates to custom metal signs can be beautifully handcrafted.  Through hammering, bending, shaping and compressing, a whole array of decorative objects and impressions can be achieved; and each one is its only kind in the world.  The completed iron masterpieces are true works of art!

2:  Plasma and Water Jet Cutting:

Plasma and Water Jet Cutting are advanced technologies that allow us to perform heavy-duty cutting with extreme accuracy.   With Water Jet Cutting, stunning and detailed features can be achieved through the use of an exceptionally high-pressure jet of water.  Water jet cutting is the same technique used by the aerospace industry for cutting and shaping.  Plasma cutting is a highly effective method to cut steel and other metals through the use of a plasma torch, perfect for things like custom metal emblems.

3:  Mig and Tig Welding:

Mig and Tig Welding deals with the sculpting process that bonds materials together through liquefying and solidification. In a nutshell, both Mig and Tig are somewhat different types of welding in that Tig welding directly melts metals together while Mig welding uses a filler to bond metals together.

4:  AutoCAD Design:

AutoCAD Design is an incredibly remarkable software application for use in 2D and 3D computer-aided designing.  This type of technology is utilized by architects and engineers world-wide due to its capacity to seamlessly address highly-detailed assignments.  We at Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron embrace this impressive technology as an additional component of our custom metal sign, fabrication, and emblem processes.  AutoCAD also allows our clients to become more interactive in the design-phase through computerized imagery.

Weatherford, TX 76086 - (817) 596-7678