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Electric Gate Repair & Operator Repair in Weatherford, Texas

Electric Gate Repair

Electric Gate Repair & Gate Operator Repair

Welcome to Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron—the home of your electric gate repair and gate operator repair specialists!  Take a few moments to stroll through our site, but if service and repair of your gate system is what you desperately need, then you can relax because you’ve come to the right place!  If your gate system is not functioning properly, you might be in a situation where you either can’t leave the property or you can’t enter it.  Or, if the livelihood of your business—such as a business entrance — relies on your gate’s ability to do its job, you could be losing a bundle of money when your system is down for even a short amount of time.  Whatever unwanted scenario you might be experiencing with your gate system, this is where Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron can turn your agonizing frustration into a huge sense of relief!

Repairing Electric Gates Is Our Specialty

Are you experiencing any of these electric gate repair needs?

** Gate opener not working or broken

** Gate gets stuck in the closed position or opens on its own

** Gate gets stuck midway, goes back and forth or is erratic

** Gate makes loud or unusual noises

** Gate has problems such as hinge attachment issues, sagging or rusting

** Gate does not respond to remote or keypad

** Exit sensor does not open gate upon approach

** Telephone intercom, card readers or underground sensors are malfunctioning

For more than 15 years, our company has maintained an unsurpassed reputation throughout northern Texas.  We have become known for our expertise with repair and servicing of electric gate systems of every type imaginable.  Our priority revolves around your property–whether residential, commercial or industrial—making sure your gate system is completely safe and fully functioning.

Gate Operator Repair You Can Trust:

Our technicians are some of the few in Weatherford, Texas and the surrounding areas actually certified in gate operator repairThey remain current on safety specifications as they apply to all UL325 and ASTM F2200 requirements.  This, quite simply, translates into very knowledgeable personnel at Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron who are fully aware of rigorous safety standards and how they apply to the repair and servicing of your electrical gate systems.

We repair electric gates and operators for the leading manufacturers in the industry:

Gate Repair Consultation

Contact us today!  We’re only a phone-call away with addressing any service or repair issues you might have.  You can send inquiries by mail or you can choose our email option.  Just go to our “Contact Us” page and follow the simple prompts.  For faster service, however, we recommend calling our office, directly, so you can speak with one of our representatives as quickly as possible.

Weatherford, TX 76086 - (817) 596-7678