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Three Styles of Wooden Gates - Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron

Three Styles of Wooden Gates

Custom Gate by Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron in Weatherford, Texas

Three Styles of Wooden Gates

Adding a distinctive gate to your property’s deck, patio, garden or entry-way can serve as a stunning addition that will provide eye-catching beauty, enhanced security and increased equity.  Though gates are available in a variety of materials, gates constructed of wood offer an unsurpassed ambiance of richness and warmth.


Among a host of exciting options, whether a style of gate is of the Asian, English Cottage,  Southwestern hacienda or Mediterranean villa persuasion, the ultimate decision regarding gate style should hinge (no pun intended) on your home’s architectural design – it should reflect the unique feel of your residence and its surroundings.  If your home and landscaping possess an Asian flair, bamboo and half-moon designs are exquisite.  If your personal oasis leans more towards a southwestern flavor with landscaping that includes rock gardens and drought-resistant foliage’s, a rustic gate with iron rivets would lend itself, beautifully – and the list of design options goes on and on.


Here are three styles of wooden gates that offer their own, unique personality:


Wood & Iron Entrance Gates


Entrance gates can make a dramatic statement, all their own!  And when wood is combined with iron accents, these beauties will provide a stunning addition for your home.  The two combined materials of wood and iron compliment one another, yet contrast one another as well, providing not only function but stunning visual appeal.  Hand-carvings, decorative accents, hand-forged iron handles and latches all come together as one masterful piece of art-work that will reflect age-old appeal, and never go out of style.


One type of wooden gate that is, truly, breathtakingly majestic incorporates a European castle theme.  Fortress castle gates were constructed centuries ago for the sheer purpose of protection for the people behind them.  Today, this style utilizes forged iron pulls and clavos, slide bolt latches, iron top rail, and kick plates making this design every bit a piece of fine art as being functional – a true family heirloom!


Wood Garden Gates


Wood garden gates can be fabricated in countless designs – their sheer charm is captivating; and these cuties provide a beckoning ambiance to any area of one’s property.  If enhanced curb appeal is part of your plan, a wood garden gate is a wonderful element to add to your property since this addition can transform a generic ‘space’ into a fanciful ‘place’.


Between two rock walls, imagine an elegantly-arched garden door with diamond-patterned lattice-work on the upper portion of the gate with X-shaped bracing on the lower half. With the entire door painted a winter-white, a mustard-yellow or a robin’s-egg blue, you will have created an old-world feel of an old-world cottage garden.  A charmer like this will set the scene as one opens the iron latch and steps into a protected little world where vegetable and/or flower beds, lie beyond – a tiny piece of Heaven, all to yourself, where you can shut the door behind you!


Wood Asian Style Courtyard Gates


If you are drawn to architecture that reflects the orient, you would probably fall in love with an Asian style courtyard gate with copper accents – perhaps leading to a Japanese tea garden?  Rather than shutting the world out, many oriental gate designs invite the world to come in by utilizing open grid-work design.  This allows glimpses both into and out of a garden area or courtyard where one might find a traditional Japanese lantern, water basin (tsukubail) or even a daybed suspended by thick ropes.  And imagine the daybed overlooking a reflection pond afloat with water lilies and lotus.  Asian gate designs are intended to create relaxation and entice one to enter what is beyond and forget the rest of the world.


There are hundreds of designs and styles of wood gates to choose from; and whether the gate exudes a feeling of being quaint and charming, quiet and mesmerizing, or large and imposing, you can select a wood gate that blends in with its surroundings or one that makes a surprising design statement.  The bottom line should be: allow the gate’s design to compliment your home’s personality as well as your own!



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